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Open thread 7/16 UPDATED 7/18 w/ breaking news

Open thread for discussion.


46 Comments July 16, 2018

Open SCOTUS thread BREAKING: MSNBC reporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be nominated

Open thread for SCOTUS nominee.


78 Comments July 9, 2018

BREAKING: Justice Kennedy announces retirement from the Supreme Court

Bad news for LGBT people.


143 Comments June 27, 2018

Quick Supreme Court update

Court sends Arlene’s Flowers case back to the state supreme court.


31 Comments June 25, 2018

Supreme Court updates

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

Some updates from today’s Supreme Court order list.


66 Comments June 18, 2018

Open thread UPDATED 6/15

Open thread.


45 Comments June 12, 2018

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