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10/15 open thread

Open thread.


26 Comments October 15, 2019

Argument audio for SCOTUS arguments in the Title VII LGBT cases

Argument audio is now available for the historic cases.


7 Comments October 11, 2019

SCOTUS LGBT Title VII cases: reaction thread and transcripts UPDATED

Initial reactions from court observers.


18 Comments October 8, 2019

Supreme Court Title VII cases will be argued tomorrow October 8

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

Historic day tomorrow at the Supreme Court.


9 Comments October 7, 2019

9/30 news and open thread UPDATE 10/3

Open thread and Trump administration news.


37 Comments September 30, 2019

News update and open thread

Some news and an open thread.


29 Comments September 24, 2019

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