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BREAKING: Supreme Court adds Louisiana marriage case to January 9 conference

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

Court could decide whether to hear a same-sex marriage case soon.


46 Comments December 17, 2014

Equality news round-up: news from the First Circuit on transgender rights and marriage, and more


News from the First and Fourth Circuits, and more.


9 Comments December 17, 2014

READ IT HERE: Plaintiffs’ brief in Florida marriage case in Eleventh Circuit

Same-sex couples file their brief in the Eleventh Circuit.


45 Comments December 16, 2014

Equality news round-up: News from NOM, the Westboro Baptist Church, and more

Fourth Circuit map

NOM wants attorneys’ fees, the Westboro Baptist Church opposes recognition of existing same-sex marriages in Kansas, and more.


47 Comments December 16, 2014

UPDATED: Supreme Court is asked to halt same-sex marriages in Florida

Justice Thomas is asked to put same-sex marriage on hold in Florida. He called for a response, due Thursday.


36 Comments December 15, 2014

READ IT HERE: Tennessee opposes Supreme Court review in marriage case

It's time for marriage equality. Attribution: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Tennessee officials do not back Supreme Court review of same-sex marriage case.


9 Comments December 15, 2014

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