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Open thread with SCOTUS news

Open thread plus an update in a transgender rights case.


23 Comments October 24, 2016

READ IT HERE: Plaintiffs’ brief in challenge to HB2 on appeal to Fourth Circuit w/ UPDATE

Fourth Circuit map

Plaintiffs challenge the scope of the injunction against HB2, as well as the district court’s denial of their equal protection claims.


52 Comments October 20, 2016

Supreme Court takes no action in transgender teen’s case

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

The Court will look at the case again in a future conference.


32 Comments October 17, 2016

Open thread for news and discussion

Open thread.


13 Comments October 14, 2016

Open thread

Open thread for discussion.


35 Comments October 10, 2016

Alabama’s chief justice, Roy Moore, appeals his suspension

Alabama state seal

Moore argues he should not have been removed from the bench for his orders on same-sex marriage.


22 Comments October 5, 2016

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