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SCOTUS update 4/15

No word on the major cases we’re following.


27 Comments April 15, 2019

President Trump’s ban on transgender military servicemembers goes into effect today

The Pentagon. Attribution: Wikipedia

The ban is being implemented starting today.


19 Comments April 12, 2019

Open thread 4/9

Open thread.


31 Comments April 9, 2019

SCOTUS update 4/2

Nothing new from SCOTUS yet.


43 Comments April 2, 2019

Quick update and open thread

Open thread and SCOTUS update.


26 Comments March 27, 2019

Federal district court judge rules that the ban on transgender military servicemembers can’t be implemented yet

The Pentagon. Attribution: Wikipedia

One injunction remains in effect for now.


41 Comments March 19, 2019

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