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Open thread 1/16 BREAKING update 1/17: Prop 8 trial video won’t be unsealed until at least August 2020

Open thread.


45 Comments January 16, 2018

Open thread and quick news item

News from SCOTUS.


107 Comments January 8, 2018

Open thread and news round-up January 2

News from the courts, the White House, and more.


29 Comments January 2, 2018

Breaking news 12/22

Breaking news items on military service of transgender servicemembers.


90 Comments December 22, 2017

Open thread and news round-up w/ BREAKING news 12/21

News and open thread.


47 Comments December 18, 2017

Open thread and SCOTUS news

SCOTUS denies review in discrimination case, and more.


100 Comments December 11, 2017

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