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Minister Jailed for Stand on Marriage Equality

By Matt Baume Alabama has sent a minister to jail for 30 days for defying a local judge and marrying a lesbian couple. Irish voters support marriage equality in a landslide, but marriage could still start in America before they start in Ireland. And one more study s ...


29 Comments May 26, 2015

Alabama judge orders pro-marriage equality decision effective statewide, stays effect until SCOTUS ruling

An Alabama judge makes her previous ruling against the state’s marriage equality ban effective statewide, but stays the judgment until the Supreme Court rules on marriage equality early this summer.


231 Comments May 21, 2015

Congressman introduces bill to ban so-called LGBT conversion “therapy” nationally

Capitol Hill

Bill would ban the practice as “fraud”.


54 Comments May 19, 2015

Equality news round-up: Supreme Court tea leaf reading, and more

Ohio state seal

News from Ohio, Colombia, and more.


61 Comments May 18, 2015

Supreme Court vs. Texas

By Matt Baume Texas is setting itself up for a showdown with the Supreme Court. A bill to defy the court's rulings died in the House last week, but anti-gay politicians could find a sneaky way to revive it. Meanwhile, the Attorney General of Texas refuses to say if he'll ...


19 Comments May 18, 2015

Equality news round-up: Texas anti-gay bill dies, and more

Alabama state seal

News from Texas, Alabama, and more.


76 Comments May 15, 2015

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