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Prop 8 trial: Director Rob Reiner planning a film based on the trial

Prop 8 trial

By Adam Bink

As noted by loaferguy in the comments, Rob Reiner told The Hollywood Reporter he’s planning a film:

Rob Reiner is developing a film based on the legal challenge to Proposition 8, the California initiative that banned same-sex marriage and was found unconstitutional by a federal district court judge, the director told The Hollywood Reporter at AFM Sunday.

He also working on a second project, a heist movie called Airtight, because he said he has never done a heist movie.

But the Prop 8 movie brings with it a personal connection for the filmmaker, since he said it “is based a little bit on the court challenge to Proposition 8, which I have been involved in.”

As part of the campaign to defeat Prop 8 in the courts,  the actor-turned-director-turned-political activist helped found the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

He also recently participated in a one-night celebrity reading in New York of 8, a play that Dustin Lance Black wrote based on the trial transcripts.

Reiner was one of the biggest fundraisers behind the legal effort. “We have been involved every step of the way. Right now, we’re waiting for the Ninth Circuit to come with their appeal decision,” he said. “Either we’ll win, and it will be expunged in California. If it gets appealed, it might go to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

In addition to the Prop 8 legal case, Reiner is also focused on getting President Obama re-elected. “Those are the things that are most important to me,” he said. “Prop 8, if we win that, will be the last big piece of the civil rights puzzle that will be put into place.”

As loaferguy noted, if you can stand it, take a look at the comments at The Hollywood Reporter. Leaving aside all the stuff about how Reiner is a socialist etc. etc., there are some real deep-seated feelings on the trial, whether equality has a chance at the Supreme Court, and of course the institution of marriage and being queer and all of that.

A lot of folks are divided on all of the media attention to things like Courage Campaign members’ re-enactments (which were later used in the courtroom) and Dustin Lance Black’s staging of a play on the trial, but a fair point can be made that the more attention can be shown to the trial through releasing the tapes and media like film and theater, the more educated the public will be.


  • 1. Ronnie  |  November 7, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Subscribing & sharing…….

    Study Finds Homophobia Decreases A Community's Property Value:

    Study Suggests That Antigay Discrimination Hurts Property Values:


    & John Leguizamo is an American who supports Marriage Equality…… <3…Ronnie:
    [youtube yl-JYBi14R0 youtube]

  • 2. Bob  |  November 7, 2011 at 10:52 am

    The comments were truly nauseating, bigotted and ignorant. Who could have imagined that the folks who spend their good money watching, renting and buying Hollywood products would be so offensive when discussing the people who make actually make those products?

  • 3. Ann S.  |  November 7, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Something tells me that article was specifically targeted by some anti-equality group.

  • 4. DaveP  |  November 7, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Yup. And all of their words are now coming back to haunt them. Every time someone posts hateful bigoted crap like that it can be used in all of the hearings to help defeat DOMA at the federal level and to prove that all state-level anti-marriage equality constitutional ammendments are unconstitutional. All of it helps prove animus and a historical pattern of oppression and discrimination. It also provides mountains of evidence against attempts by anti-gay groups to keep records hidden from the public based on ridiculous claims of victimization.

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