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Prop “8” play readings across the country (or, how to have that conversation about marriage equality)

Marriage equality Prop 8

By Adam Bink

Our friends at AFER let us know that there will be approximately 70 stagings/readings of “8” going on across the country over the next several months (and have a map where you can find one near you, if there is one).

This is worth noting only particularly at Courage, we work hard to encourage “Courageous Conversations” on equality (and are launching a new project later this month on that very topic — stay tuned!). But it isn’t always easy to just bring up marriage equality or any other issue — it’s better when you or the person whose mind you’re trying to change reads about it, or you watch something together. I speak from experience here — I finally mustered the courage to come out to my mom during an episode of Will & Grace many years ago, the one where Will and Jack try to “turn” a friend gay by taking him to Broadway shows and all. Just before a commercial break, they sat exhausted. One turned to the other and said something like “turning a guy gay is hard!” and the other replied “yeah, I wonder how my mother did it!” Laughter, commercial break. I thought, okay, well, that’s a sign from above, turned to my mom, and the rest is history.

Anyway, I could see many people asking a family member or friend if he’d like to go see the “8” reading nearby, see what all the fuss is about, and talk about it afterwards. You never know, it could open a door. The best part about these readings is that they aren’t al in Los Angeles and New York — many are in places where we have some hard roads ahead this year, like North Carolina and Minnesota, and harder roads beyond that, like Montana. It could be a helping hand for many people who could use one.


  • 1. Reformed  |  March 7, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    All conversations help, but there are some people in many people's life where their isn't enough courage to be had, this is usually older people and those from the distant past such as home towns, schools attended, (particularly religiously affiliated),ect.

    When possible, a discussion about voting is helpful also. Even though coversation with one leads to additional converation with other that might be voters, it is good to encourge supportive and otherwise eligible voters to register. I am sure everyone can agree on this . . How may times do we hear the phrase "Let the people vote". the legitimacy of voting minoritys civil rights aside, sometimes it happens.

  • 2. Gregory in SLC  |  March 7, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    tx 4 info Adam. Coming to Utah in August …just added to calendar…will think of who to invite..
    btw, RENT in Idaho sold out EVERY performance (thank you haters for advertisement!)

  • 3. DaveP  |  March 8, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Three days ago I saw the live production of "8" at Standford Unviersity here in northern California. I brought a coupel fo friends with me. They are gay an dalready support marriage equality, but until Monday they had always been a bit curious about exactly why I felt so passionate about the trial and why I spent so much time reading about it here, attending hearings etc. After the performance they understood completely.

    Plus, the Q&A at teh end was excellent! Two of the plaintiffs were there and it was really uplifting to hear from them.

    It was also great to see some P8TTers there (Hi Ann!).

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