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Recapping the week of May 14-18 at

Community/Meta Marriage equality

By Jacob Combs

What you may have missed over the past week at…

On Monday, May 14th, I started out the week’s coverage with a reading of Andrew Sullivan’s powerful Newsweek article proclaiming Barack Obama the first gay president by linking his experience growing up black in a white family to that of gays and lesbians growing up in straight families.  Scottie wrote about Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, one of the justices who decided the state’s marriage equality case Varnum v. Brien, who told an Iowa newspaper this week that if anti-gay right-wingers move to oust him as they did three other judges who joined that decision, he will fight back.

Scottie also compiled a round-up of the week’s equality news, highlighted by the executive order Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed ordering the state’s agencies to recognize out-of-state marriages between gay and lesbian couples.  Also, Matt Baume of AFER posted his weekly video update, examining the effect of President Obama’s marriage announcement on the national equality fight.  Finally, later in the evening, I reported that a conservative House committee in Colorado had killed the state’s civil unions bill, despite the fact that the bill enjoyed majority support in the full House and that Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper had called a special session in part to combat Republican efforts to kill the bill.

On Tuesday, I wrote about a piece in The Week by Democratic advisor Robert Shrum predicting that the electoral backlash for President Obama over marriage equality will be limited.  Scottie looked at the day’s equality news, especially NOM President Brian Brown’s response to Obama’s support for marriage equality.

I started out Wednesday‘s coverage with an analysis of recent court briefs filed in three DOMA cases, McLaughlin, Sevcik and Blesch.  Scottie covered President Obama’s veto threat of two House bills, the Violence Against Women Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, that contain anti-gay elements. He also posted another equality news round-up, which looked at a new campaign between the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and Freedom to Marry to highlight same-sex military families.

On Thursday, I wrote about the semantic significance of President Obama being the first president to use the phrase “marriage equality” in a public venue, and what that means for the framing of the debate going forward.  Scottie looked at the day’s equality news, including a poll out from North Carolina showing that support for marriage equality among black residents of the state is growing.

On Friday, I started the day out with an examination of Equality Matters researcher Carlos Maza’s deconstruction of the common right-wing talking point that voters have approved marriage bans at the ballot in 31 out of 31 states, and why that statistic is misleading and outdated.  Scottie analyzed a motion to dismiss filed by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval in the marriage equality case Sevcik v. Sandoval, and also wrote about a Maryland Supreme Court ruling that the state must recognize out-of-state marriages between gay and lesbian couples for the purposes of divorce proceedings.  Finally, Scottie posted a news round-up that included a promise made by the French prime minister to implement marriage equality and adoption rights for gay and lesbian couples, a position held that new French President Francois Hollande.

And finally, on Saturday, I wrote a quick post about the NAACP’s decision to fully endorse marriage equality.

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  • 1. grod  |  May 20, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Jacob, thank you for the roundup. You did a wonderful job of toughing on the key items. I hope you cross post these summaries, as no doubt they take time to create and a wide audience could benefit from your insights.

  • 2. DaveP  |  May 20, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Wow, what a week!! Thanks P8TT, for keeping up with all of this and getting this news to all of us!

  • 3. Jean R  |  May 21, 2012 at 11:08 am

    It's been a good week in terms of making some minor progress.<img src=><img src=>

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