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It’s decision day for Prop 8 & DOMA at the Supreme Court–here’s EOT’s game plan

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By Jacob Combs

Well, today’s the day: after more than three roller-coaster years, it all comes down to this.  This site began as in January 2010, covering the Proposition 8 trial–then called Perry v. Schwarzenegger–in a San Francisco district court.  We were there when Prop 8 was struck down the first time; we were there when the Ninth Circuit held oral arguments; we were there when Prop 8 was struck down a second time; we were there when the Supreme Court heard arguments on Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.  And of course, we’re here to report on whatever the Supreme Court’s decisions may be today.

As I’ve said before, it’s a privilege to be a part of this community and this movement, especially as a gay Californian.  We’re hopeful that today will bring good news, and if it doesn’t, I know that my home state and our community will rally together and continue striving for equal treatment under the law for all Americans.

Here’s the EqualityOnTrial plan for today.  We’ll be publishing a liveblog post about 10-15 minutes before 10 a.m. Eastern time, when the Supreme Court is scheduled to convene.  That post will be the place to stay tuned throughout the morning–we’ll have news of the rulings as soon as they’re announced, as well as quick analysis from me and Scottie and reactions from around the web.  We’ll also post a brief breaking news post devoted to each ruling, but the place for up-to-the-minute news will be the liveblog.

Later today, we’ll be conducting a CoveritLive chat to answer all your questions about the rulings–stay tuned for firmer details on that, which will take place late morning Pacific time/early afternoon Eastern.  After the CoveritLive chat, Scottie and I will write in-depth analysis of the two rulings.

As always, please join us in the comments sections!  And of course, you should follow the entire EOT team on Twitter: the site’s handle is @EqualityOnTrial, mine is @jacobdcombs, Scottie’s is @indiemcemopants and Adam’s is @adamjbink.  We’re looking forward to an exciting day!

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