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California Supreme Court declines to stay same-sex marriages

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By Scottie Thomaston California state seal

The California Supreme Court has just denied Prop 8 proponents’ request for a stay on performing same-sex marriage in the state. The proponents asked the court on Friday to stay the marriages and to consider mandating enforcement of Prop 8 in all but two counties in the state, state officials responded, and proponents replied this morning.

The docket page says:

The request for an immediate stay or injunctive relief is denied.

Presumably, the court will keep its reported schedule for the remainder of the issues:

[O]pposition to the remaining questions (other than the question of the stay) is due Monday, July 22, and proponents can file a reply to that opposition on August 1.

Denial of the stat means marriages will continue as the court weighs these issues.

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