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Another New Jersey Republican breaks with Chris Christie on marriage equality

Marriage equality

New Jersey state sealOn Wednesday, we reported that three New Jersey state legislators–and one Republican–had announced their support for an override of Gov. Chris Christie’s 2012 marriage equality legislation veto, and today another Republican has come out for equal marriage rights.  The Asbury Park Press reports:

The days of Gov. Chris Christie and Republican lawmakers moving in lockstep may be coming to an end, with two GOP members of the Assembly, including Monmouth County’s Declan O’Scanlon, saying they will vote for a marriage-equality bill against the governor’s wishes.

O’Scanlon said there are likely to be more crossover votes.

“The narrative that the governor strong-arms Republicans in the Legislature is false,’’ O’Scanlon said Wednesday.

“I think you’ll see some other folks vote for it, but I don’t know exactly how many at this point. We’re some time away from that vote actually happening,’’ he said.

Neither O’Scanlon nor the other newly-announced pro-equality vote, Holly Schepisi, were in New Jersey during the original 2012 vote.  O’Scanlon says he would have supported the legislation had he voted at the time.

“I have never had untoward pressure put on me, contrary to the reputation of this governor, to change a position,” O’Scanlon told the Asbury Park Press. On gay marriage, he has his position and I have mine. We respect each other. I have not gotten a call from anybody in the administration on this.”

With the four new votes, marriage equality advocates still need to flip eight assembly members–two other Republicans who were also not present for the 2012 vote are considered to be leaning on the side of marriage equality.  Three additional votes in the Senate will also be needed to override Christie’s veto.  Advocates have until January 2014, the end of the current legislative session, to do so.

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