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Archives – March, 2014

Briefing in Kentucky, Tennessee same-sex marriage cases in Sixth Circuit to be completed by late June

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has set the briefing schedule in the challenge to Kentucky’s non-recognition provisions.

Continue 65 Comments March 28, 2014

READ IT HERE: Opening brief in Bostic v. Schaefer at Fourth Circuit

Opening brief filed in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in the challenge to Virginia’s same–sex marriage ban.

Continue 96 Comments March 28, 2014

Federal government will recognize same-sex marriages performed legally in Michigan

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that same-sex marriages performed in Michigan will be recognized for federal purposes.

Continue 24 Comments March 28, 2014

Ninth Circuit asks for briefing on whether LGBT jury discrimination case should be reheard

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has asked the parties in SmithKline Beecham v. Abbott Laboratories to file briefs on whether a larger panel of judges should rehear the case.

Continue 83 Comments March 27, 2014

ACLU of Michigan is considering lawsuit on behalf of same-sex married couples whose marriages are denied state recognition

The ACLU of Michigan might sue to force recognition of over 300 same-sex marriages performed in the state.

Continue 12 Comments March 27, 2014

Five same-sex couples apply for marriage licenses in Mississippi

Five same-sex couples in Mississippi applied for marriage licenses this week.

Continue 28 Comments March 27, 2014

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