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Archives – February, 2017

READ IT HERE: w/ UPDATE: Gavin Grimm’s brief in his challenge to Gloucester County School Board’s transgender bathroom use policies

The plaintiff’s brief has been filed.

Continue 42 Comments February 23, 2017

Trump administration officially rescinds guidance letter on transgender bathroom use in public schools

The Trump administration has chosen to block a guidance letter that protects transgender students who want to use the correct bathroom.

Continue 12 Comments February 22, 2017

Open thread w/ UPDATEx2

Open thread plus news on the Trump administration and protections for transgender students.

Continue 20 Comments February 21, 2017

Equality news round-up: Appeals courts set several arguments in LGBT cases

Several new appeals will be heard in the coming months.

Continue 112 Comments February 15, 2017

w/ UPDATE Equality news round-up: Trump administration signals change in legal approach to LGBT rights, and more

A news round up of the latest in LGBT legal issues.

Continue 27 Comments February 13, 2017

Open thread

Open thread.

Continue 74 Comments February 7, 2017

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