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Archives – January, 2019

1/18 SCOTUS watch: still no action in LGBT cases

No action in LGBT employment, trans military cases.

Continue 1 Comment January 18, 2019

Still no action from SCOTUS in LGBT cases UPDATE

Court still considering whether to grant LGBT employment, trans military servicemember cases.

Continue 48 Comments January 11, 2019

Open thread

Open thread.

Continue 14 Comments January 9, 2019

No action from SCOTUS in 3 cases involving LGBT employment discrimination

The Court could decide to take up three cases related to LGBT employment discrimination, and more related to the ban on transgender military servicemembers soon.

Continue 16 Comments January 4, 2019

DC Circuit Court of Appeals upholds ban on transgender military servicemembers, dissolving one of four court of appeals injunctions

Three other injunctions remain in effect.

Continue 5 Comments January 4, 2019