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Supreme Court denies review in anti-transgender case

Transgender Rights

This morning, the Supreme Court denied review in a case involving the rights of transgender people to use the restroom corresponding to their gender identity, filed by a group of students and parents who cited privacy and religious rights to not be subjected to pro-trans policies. If it had been granted, the case could have had sweeping repercussions for school districts who want to respect students’ identities. The parents’ group lost in both the district court and the Ninth Circuit.

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  • 1. VIRick  |  December 7, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    US Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Oregon Transgender "Bathroom" Case

    Per Equality Case Files:

    This morning, 7 December 2020, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in "Parents for Privacy v. Barr," the appeal of a group challenging an Oregon school district's transgender-inclusive policies. This denial leaves in place the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision upholding the policies that allow transgender students to use restrooms, showers, and locker room facilities consistent with their gender identity.

    The last entry on page 2 of today's Order List simply states:

    "Certiorari Denied: 20-62 PARENTS FOR PRIVACY V. BARR, ATT'Y GEN., ET AL. "….

  • 2. VIRick  |  December 7, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    Costa Rica: A Chilean/Costa Rican Same-Sex Couple Marries

    Per Esteban Zolezzi (un Chileno viviendo en Costa Rica):

    Ayer, el 6 de diciembre 2020, nos casamos con Sergio (Yeyo) Rivero en Costa Rica. Está felicidad y emoción nos llena. En Latinoamérica, debemos seguir trabajando para que en cada vez más países pueda haber matrimonio igualitario y más puedan vivir su amor!….

    Yesterday, 6 December 2020, we married with Sergio (Yeyo) Rivero in Costa Rica. It fills us with happiness and emotion. In Latin America, we must continue working so that each time in more countries there can be marriage equality and more can live their love!

    And with that, for starters, Esteban can now demand that Chile recognize his Costa Rican marriage to a Costa Rican citizen, a matter that sounds identical to that of Ugarteche, a Peruvian citizen who married a Mexican citizen in Mexico and then demanded that the Peruvian government recognize his marriage.

  • 3. VIRick  |  December 7, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    UN Urges Bolivian Government to Advance in Marriage Equality

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    Este domingo, el 6 de diciembre 2020, la Oficina de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) en Bolivia alentó al Ejecutivo a avanzar en el reconocimiento de los derechos de la población LGBTI y de la Unión Libre entre parejas del mismo sexo. En el pronunciamiento, el alto comisionado de la ONU instó a las autoridades bolivianas a reconocer la Unión Libre de David Arequipa y Guido Montaño, quienes esperan el reconocimiento legal de su unión por parte del Servicio de Registro Cívico (Sereci), tras conseguir el respaldo de la Sala Constitucional Segunda del Tribunal Departamental de Justicia de La Paz.

    Según misión de la ONU en Bolivia, se encuentra en la antesala de una oportunidad histórica y dar un gran paso en el avance de los derechos de la población LGBTI a través del reconocimiento oficial de la Unión Libre entre parejas del mismo sexo.

    This Sunday, 6 December 2020, the Office of the United Nations in Bolivia encouraged the Executive to advance in the recognition of the rights of the LGBTI population and of the Free Union between same-sex couples. In its statement, the UN high commissioner urged the Bolivian authorities to recognize the Free Union of David Arequipa and Guido Montaño, who await legal recognition of their union by the Civic Registry Service (Sereci), after obtaining the favorable judgment of the Second Constitutional Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz.

    According to the UN mission in Bolivia, the country finds itself on the eve of an historic opportunity to take a giant step in advancing the rights of the LGBTI population through the official recognition of Free Unions between same-sex couples.

  • 4. VIRick  |  December 7, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    Tlaxcala State Congress to Vote on Marriage Equality Bill Tomorrow, 8 December

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    El Congreso del Estado de Tlaxcala pretende aprobar este martes, 8 de diciembre, el dictamen de reforma al Artículo 46 del Código Civil estatal con el objetivo de que al matrimonio se le defina como la unión entre dos personas, y deje de definirse como la unión entre un hombre y una mujer; lo anterior a fin de que sea permitido el matrimonio igualitario.

    The Tlaxcala State Congress intends to approve this Tuesday, 8 December, the draft bill to reform Article 46 of the state Civil Code with the aim of stating that marriage be defined as the union between two people, and stops being defined as the union between a man and a woman; the foregoing in order that marriage equality be permitted.

    If approved, this measure will make Tlaxcala jurisdiction #20 (of 32) in Mexico with marriage equality.

  • 5. VIRick  |  December 7, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Veracruz: Up-Date on Pending "Action of Unconstitutionality" before SCJN

    The constitutional challenge, 144/2020, against the State of Veracruz over the passage of its "half measure" legalizing "civil unions" for same-sex couples, rather than full marriage equality, as published in the state gazette on 10 June 2020, is now approaching the half-way point in its wait for resolution before the SCJN. As of 7 December 2020, it is presently case #122 of 328 awaiting determination. Based on this progress up the list, one can expect a positive ruling in favor of marriage equality shortly after mid-year 2021.

    If no other state passes marriage equality legislation in the interval, the Supreme Court resolution of this pending case will make Veracruz jurisdiction #21 to have attained marriage equality, the sixth state to have achieved it through a Supreme Court ruling, and to date, the one with the largest population.

  • 6. VIRick  |  December 8, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    Colorado Certifies 2020 Election Results

    As of today, 8 December 2020, Colorado’s November vote results are official as the state’s elections chief certified the vote count. Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, has signed the certification for Colorado’s ballot tally amid “false election narratives swirling throughout the nation.” Of course, Colorado’s nine electoral votes will go to Biden, who easily bested Trump in the state.

    New Jersey Certifies Vote Showing Joe Biden's Victory

    The president-elect won New Jersey’s 14 electoral votes 57 percent to 41 percent over Trump. On Monday, 7 December 2020, New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way and the Board of State Canvassers certified New Jersey’s vote, Gov. Phil Murphy said. Murphy, a Democrat, said he will sign a certificate of ascertainment later Monday.

    Missouri Certifies 2020 Election Results

    On 8 December 2020, Missouri officials certified this year’s election results showing that Trump won the state’s 10 electoral votes over Democrat Joseph Biden. The State Board of Canvassers said Trump received 1,718,736 votes, or 56%, to Biden’s 1,253,014, or 41%, with the remainder going to lesser-known candidates.

    Today is Safe Harbor Day, which is the deadline for states to secure their electoral votes by certifying the results after resolving any state court legal challenges. If the election results are certified, Congress must accept the results.

    West Virginia to Certify Election Results on 9 December 2020

    Charleston WV – West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner will host a press conference at 2 PM on Wednesday, 9 December, to announce the official election results certified by the counties for the 3 November 2020 General Election.

    Otherwise, only Hawaii remains to certify its election results, as Maryland certified its election results early, on 4 December, and New York State did as well, on 3 December.

  • 7. VIRick  |  December 8, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    Hawaii Certifies Biden's Win of State's Presidential Vote

    On Tuesday, 8 December 2020, Hawaii certified the results of its presidential vote after the state Supreme Court dismissed an elections complaint challenging the entirety of the 3 November general election in the islands. President-elect Joe Biden won 63.1% of Hawaii's vote, compared to Trump's 34%, according to the final summary report from the state Office of Elections. Hawaii has four electors in the electoral college, which is due to meet next Monday, 14 December.

    The pending court case had held up certification of the presidential vote for more than two weeks. The justices, in a unanimous ruling, said the plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the results of all federal, state, and county races. Furthermore, even if the plaintiffs had standing, they failed to prove any facts in support of their claims, the order said.

    The complaint was filed by three unsuccessful candidates for office, one Republican and two non-partisans. It sought to invalidate the 2020 primary and general elections and have the state hold new contests.

    Because of the vast time-zone difference, this ruling was only handed down about an hour ago, but the state Office of Elections was waiting for it, and thus still beat the deadline for certification.

  • 8. VIRick  |  December 8, 2020 at 7:30 pm

    Trump's "Grand Plan" to Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election Results Collapses

    On Tuesday, 8 December 2020, in a single sentence, the Supreme Court unraveled Trump's grand plan to overthrow the 2020 election by having any case, even one already thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, pushed before the US Supreme Court. From the Order List 592 U.S.:

    Order in Pending Case 20A98, "Kelly, Mike, et al. v. Pennsylvania et al.:"

    "The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied," wrote the Court in rejecting an attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans, with Trump's blessing, to block the certification of the 2020 election results in the commonwealth.

    President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump in Pennsylvania by more than 81,000 votes.

  • 9. VIRick  |  December 8, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    Tlaxcala State Congress Approves Marriage Equality

    Per Rex Wockner, Geraldina González de la Vega, and LGBT Marriage News:

    On 8 December 2020, the 25-member congress of the Mexican state of Tlaxcala has passed the pending marriage equality legislation, as proposed by the PRD, in a 16-3 vote, with 6 abstentions/absences. Tlaxcala becomes the 20th jurisdiction (of 32) with marriage equality and the 14th jurisdiction to achieve such via legislative means. It is also the first new state to do so during the current year, 2020, as Puebla state, although finally passing their own legislative measure, had actually already achieved marriage equality through a previous 2017 Supreme Court ruling.

    The new legislation covers both marriage and cohabitation. It was first introduced into the state congress in 2017 and continued to be sponsored by Miguel Ángel Covarrubias (PRD), and was finally pushed through by the president of the Mesa Directiva (Board of Directors) of the current congress session, María Isabel Casas Meneses (MC).

    Tlaxcala may be Mexico's smallest state in area, but it is not the smallest in population (Think Rhode Island).

  • 10. VIRick  |  December 9, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    Rex Wockner's Up-Dated State Marriage Equality List for Mexico

    As of 8 December 2020, Rex Wockner has up-dated his marriage equality state-by-state listing for Mexico, an extremely accurate, yet complex listing that highlights the 4 different categories as to how marriage equality was achieved, as well as a fifth category, listing the 12 states still without full marriage equality, as follows:

    In total, there are 31 states plus Mexico City (CDMX), the federal capital district.

    Nineteen states and Mexico City (CDMX) have marriage equality:

    Twelve states — Baja California Sur, Campeche, Coahuila, Colima, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, and Tlaxcala — as well as Mexico City (CDMX), passed marriage equality legislatively.

    Four states — Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Jalisco, and Nuevo León — have marriage equality because their bans were terminated by the Supreme Court (SCJN). These states still need to pass legislation to bring their laws into accord with the court's rulings, but in the meantime, marriage equality is in place. (So was that of Puebla state, which has recently passed the necessary legislation.)

    One state — Quintana Roo — decided its laws never prevented marriage equality in the first place (and subsequently developed itself into a major tourist wedding venue).

    And two states — Baja California and Chihuahua — by administrative fiat, (while citing Supreme Court jurisprudence,) are not enforcing their bans. (So too did Oaxaca state, prior to passing the necessary legislation.)

    In the remaining 12 states, same-sex couples can marry only if they go to a federal judge and obtain an injunction (amparo), a path that is both time-consuming and that requires paying a lawyer for help. The judge cannot refuse to issue the amparo. (As a likely alternative, said couples can also travel and marry out-of-state in one of the 20 jurisdictions where it is legally allowed, as all legally-registered marriages occurring anywhere in Mexico must be recognized as legally valid by each and every state.)

    The 12 states without full marriage equality are — Durango, Guanajuato, Guerrero, México (Edomex), Querétaro, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, Yucatán, and Zacatecas. (However, at the municipal level, certain municipalities in Guerrero, Querétaro, and Zacatecas state have passed legislation, while citing Supreme Court jurisprudence, allowing same-sex couples to be married within their respective municipalities, marriages which are fully recognized throughout Mexico, even in the very state in which they are located, while Veracruz state allows same-sex couples to be "civil unioned," a concept foreign to Mexico that is presently being challenged as unconstitutional before the Supreme Court.)

  • 11. VIRick  |  December 10, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    New Zealand: Queer Mexican MP Immigrant Addresses Parliament in Awesome Speech

    Ricardo Menéndez March’s maiden speech to New Zealand’s House of Representatives was a barnburner, as he exhorted his colleagues to “Be gay. Do crime.” A self-described “transgressive queer socialist,” the young member of parliament (MP) emigrated from Mexico and is part of a wave of diverse legislators elected in 2020.

    “I want to start by acknowledging everybody who has had to lie to work and come to survive,” Menéndez March started. “In our queer community, there’s a saying I love that goes, ‘Be gay. Do crime.’ And to me, it means to be transgressive, to acknowledge the decision makers who created rules that criminalize our survival and our existence.”

    Menéndez March’s first speech lasted 15 minutes and outlined a solidly progressive worldview as he called out the country’s colonial history and political domination by white straight cisgender people. “The rules were simply not made for us. They were made to uphold a system where the wealthy few keep getting richer at the expense of our planet. And this House is enabling it.”

    New Zealand now has the queerest Parliament in the world, with LGBTQ people making up 10% of the membership, that is, 12 of its 120 members.

  • 12. VIRick  |  December 10, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Canada: Quebec National Assembly Bans Anti-LGBT "Conversion Therapy"

    Per LGBT Marriage News:

    On 10 December 2020, the Quebec National Assembly unanimously passed a bill banning anti-LGBT "conversion therapy," joining ON, NS, PEI, and YT with a legislative ban; MB has a regulatory ban; a federal criminal prohibition is pending.

    The measure in Quebec now awaits assent.

  • 13. VIRick  |  December 10, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Bolivia: TSE Orders Registration of Free Union of Same-Sex Couple

    Per Lily Zurita y Cristian González Cabrera:

    Día histórico para la comunidad LGTBI en Bolivia. Mediante resolución, el 9 de diciembre 2020, el TSE Bolivia dispuso el REGISTRO de la UNIÓN LIBRE entre David Aruquipa Pérez y Guido Montaño Durán. Su lucha de varios años (después 2018), por fin tiene frutos.

    Historic day for the LGTBI community in Bolivia. Through resolution, on 9 December 2020, the TSE Bolivia ordered the REGISTRATION of the FREE UNION between David Aruquipa Pérez and Guido Montaño Durán. Their struggle of several years (since 2018) finally bears fruit.

    TSE Bolivia = Tribunal Supremo Electoral (Supreme Electoral Tribunal), Bolivia's highest court for resolving all manner of administrative disputes.

    In Bolivia, any couple, whether hetero or same-sex, can opt for a "free union," which for opposite-sex couples, can be seen as an alternative to "marriage." However, for same-sex couples, that is their only choice, as the recently-enacted law allowing for "free unions" was written in gender-neutral terms, even if SERECI was refusing to acknowledge said language and register this couple's union. As a separate category, Bolivia's old "marriage" law still contains the restrictive "man-woman" language.

    This court order by the TSE places Bolivia on the same level with (or even ahead of) Chile and its AUCs, but definitely well ahead of Perú which has no alternate equivalent to AUC/free union.

    Per Rex Wockner:

    A same-sex couple in Bolivia has won a two-year legal battle to register their "free union," a legal partnership that carries all the rights of civil marriage. The ruling ordering the registration is based on the Inter-American Court of Hunan Rights (CIDH) marriage equality ruling.

    Per "Opinión" de Cochabamba:

    Bolivia reconoce por primera vez la unión libre de personas del mismo sexo. Este 9 de diciembre, el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, a través del Servicio de Registro Cívico (Serecí) reconoció la primera unión libre de personas del mismo sexo.

    For the first time, Bolivia recognizes the free union of a same-sex couple. On 9 December, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, through the Civic Registry Service (Serecí), recognized the first free union of a same-sex couple.

  • 14. ianbirmingham  |  December 11, 2020 at 4:06 pm

    Tulsi Gabbard introduces anti-trans legislation that could lead to genital exams for school girls

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has introduced legislation that would ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports as their gender. Gabbard ran in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and faced criticism for her past as an anti-LGBTQ extremist, where she referred to pro-marriage equality advocates as “homosexual extremists.”

    The bill, which the former presidential contender introduced alongside Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), would amend Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 to make it illegal for sports programs “to permit a person whose biological sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.”

    Before she was elected to Congress, she worked for one of her father’s anti-LGBTQ organizations, the Alliance for Traditional Marriage, which she later cited as a positive experience when she ran for the state legislature in 2002.

    During her presidential campaign, Gabbard refused to respond to an HRC questionnaire on LGBTQ issues, which all the other major Democratic candidates responded to. Now that she has introduced an anti-transgender bill, though, it’s possible that she refused to respond to the questionnaire because she didn’t want to draw attention to her views on LGBTQ issues during the primary.

    Gabbard lost the primary and endorsed Joe Biden, and she did not run for reelection for Congress. The bill she introduced now is unlikely to pass the Democratic House before Biden is inaugurated.

    HRC’s Charlotte Clymer has called Gabbard’s bill “blatantly transphobic.”

  • 15. ianbirmingham  |  December 11, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    SCOTUS kills Texas AG's bid to overturn Biden's election victory – with Trump's justices voting AGAINST the president

    The court voted 7-2 to dismiss the case. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito said they would have heard the case but that they would have refused to overturn the election result, effectively making the result 9-0.

    Trump had called the case 'the big one,' and tweeted a series of messages designed to push the court to rule in his favor. The president sought to intervene in the case – and 126 Republican House members followed suit, while 17 states signed a friend of the court brief supporting the Texas suit.

    The dissent by Alito and Thomas was a particular blow. The two conservatives gave no quarter to the substance of Texas' argument. Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Barrett, were in the majority voting not to even hear the case.

  • 16. VIRick  |  December 11, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Supreme Court Again Chooses Democracy over Chaos

    Late Friday, 11 December 2020, the United States Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton seeking to overturn the results of the November presidential election in favor of Trump

    “The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution,” the majority opinion read. “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.”

  • 17. VIRick  |  December 11, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    Bhutan: Lawmakers Decriminalize Homosexuality

    On Thursday, 10 December 2020, lawmakers in Bhutan voted to amend portions of the country’s Penal Code that have been used to criminalize consensual same-sex sexual relations.

    An OutRight Action International press release says Articles 213 and 214 of the Bhutanese Penal Code “were widely interpreted as prohibiting same-sex relations.” The global LGBTQ advocacy group notes 63 out of 69 members of the Bhutanese Parliament voted for an amendment that states “homosexuality between adults shall not be considered unnatural sex.”

    The amendment will become law once King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck signs it.

  • 18. VIRick  |  December 11, 2020 at 10:43 pm

    Bolivia: Civil Registry Recognizes Free Union of a Same-Sex Couple

    Este 11 de diciembre 2020, por primera vez en la historia de Bolivia, el Registro Civil emitió una resolución que permite que se reconozca la unión civil (unión libre) de dos hombres, luego de que el pasado julio un tribunal anulara una resolución que rechazaba la certificación. Sereci emitió una resolución oficial este viernes, el 11 de diciembre, con la que autoriza la unión.

    Es un paso histórico en un país cuya Constitución no reconoce las uniones (como matrimonio) entre parejas del mismo sexo.érica-latina

    On 11 December 2020, for the first time in the history of Bolivia, the Civil Registry issued a resolution that permits it to recognize the civil union (free union) of two men, following which this past July a court had annulled another resolution that had rejected the certification. Sereci issued an official resolution this Friday, 11 December, thereby authorizing the union.

    It is an historic step in a country whose Constitution does not recognize unions (as marriage) between same-sex couples.

    Per "O Globo" do Brasil:

    Bolívia reconhece pela 1ª vez a união civil entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.

    For the first time, Bolivia recognizes the civil union of a same-sex couple.

  • 19. VIRick  |  December 12, 2020 at 12:17 pm

    Germany: "Der Spiegel" Names Trump "Loser of the Year:"

    On Thursday, 10 December 2020, the German news magazine "Der Spiegel" named Trump the "loser of the year," the same day TIME named President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris TIME’s 2020 person of the year.

    The magazine bestowed the title, "Der Verlierer des Jahres" in German, on Trump in an article focused on his unfounded claims of widespread election fraud since his defeat. "Nothing is normal under Trump," the article says. "He refuses to admit defeat. Instead, he speaks of massive electoral fraud, although there is no evidence for it. The whole thing is not surprising. Trump's presidency ends as it began. Without decency and without dignity."

    And he just keeps losing, over and over and over again, as yet another headline keeps reminding us, as even today, Saturday, 12 December, a federal judge in Wisconsin threw out one more of his frivolous lawsuits. US District Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump nominee, concluded that Trump did not have the ability to bring his lawsuit in federal court, and that even if he did, he waited too long to file it. The case had something to do with Wisconsin election procedure, a matter that could have and should have been brought in state court well before the election, not after-the-fact.

    Although the word, "verlierer" means "loser," it looks more as if they were naming him "The Lierer of the Year," as well, knowing that German often adds the suffix "er" to nouns to denote one's occupation.

  • 20. Elihu_Bystander  |  December 12, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Der Verlierer des Jahres
    Der Spiegel 10-Dec-2020

    Donald Trump hat die Pandemie stets verharmlost, dann erkrankte er selbst an Covid-19 und wurde zum Superspreader. Rekonstruktion der entscheidenden Phase vor seiner Abwahl.

    (via Google Translate)
    The loser of the year
    Donald Trump always played down the pandemic, then fell ill with Covid-19 and became a super spreader. Reconstruction of the crucial phase before being voted out of office.

    Check out the picture of Trump.

    I retired from the U.S. Navy after 26 years of active duty. Trump called me a "Looser" and a "Sucker." Now the tables have turned; Trump is the Looser. However, as a gay man, I will not degrade the respect of the word sucker by applying it to Trump

  • 21. VIRick  |  December 12, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    Yesterday, in Bolivia, in the back-and-forth between those celebrating the Civil Registry's recognition of the first same-sex union, versus those opposed, someone just did, reminding me of one of the "favorite" semi-polite euphemisms for it in South American Spanish:

    "Me chupa un huevo." (Suck me an egg). However, when utilized in this context, "huevos" are generally thought of as "balls."

  • 22. VIRick  |  December 12, 2020 at 10:23 pm

    Chile: Armed Forces Accept First Transgender Man

    Per Movilh Chile:

    Las Fuerzas Armadas del Ejército de Chile admiten por primera vez sus filas a un hombre trans, Benjamín Barrera Silva.

    For the first time, the Armed Forces of the Chilean Army accept a transgender man to their ranks, Benjamín Barrera Silva.

  • 23. ianbirmingham  |  December 13, 2020 at 1:32 am

    1st CA family with 3 dads on child's birth certificate open up about life as a same-sex parenting 'throuple'

    Doctor Ian Jenkins, 45, and his partners Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges, from San Diego, made legal history in 2017 when a judge agreed to put them all on the birth certificate of daughter Piper, now 3, paving the way for other polyamorous families to gain greater legal recognition in the US. They now also have a 14-month-old son, Parker. The children are half-siblings born using an egg donor and a surrogate.

    Ian and Alan have been together for seventeen years. And they've been with their partner, Jeremy, for eight. Now, they have released a book, written by Ian, called Three Dads and a Baby, …

    Ian said they also wanted to raise awareness of the need for more legal rights for polyamorous families and said they were lucky to be in a 'liberal' state like California because some US states were 'brutal' towards granting legal protections, like birth certificates, to polyamorous couples. 'I really worry about someone who lives somewhere that’s not as accepting as California and wants to live this kind of life and can’t move,' he said. 'Some states are just brutal. They make every effort to impair parenting by nontraditional families and are really unhelpful. I’m hoping this starts the wheels turning that families come in lots of different arrangements.'

    In July the Massachusetts city of Somerville voted to grant polyamorous people some of the same legal rights as married spouses, including the right to be on a partner's health insurance and be allowed in hospital rooms, the New York Times reports.

  • 24. JayJonson  |  December 13, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    Is anyone surprised that misogynist and homophobic Joseph Epstein has attacked Dr. Jill Biden?

    More on Joseph Epstein:

  • 25. VIRick  |  December 13, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    How Was Costa Rica Decisive in the Recognition of Gay Unions in Bolivia?

    Per "El Observador" de Costa Rica:

    ¿Cómo Costa Rica Fue Determinante en Reconocimiento de Uniones Gay en Bolivia?

    Las leyes bolivianas reconocieron la semana anterior la primera unión civil entre personas del mismo sexo y entre el sustento jurídico destaca la Opinión Consultiva OC24/17, gestionada por Costa Rica ante la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH). Como ocurrió en este país, la jurisdicción constitucional usó el pronunciamiento como base para ampliar la protección legal a las parejas homosexuales.

    Es la misma que abrió las puertas al matrimonio igualitario en Costa Rica y que ya impactó a otros países de la región (como Ecuador y ahora Bolivia).

    Last week, the law in Bolivia recognized the first civil union of a same-sex couple and among the legal support, Advisory Opinion OC24/17 stands out, brought forth by Costa Rica before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH). As happened in this country, the constitutional jurisdiction used the pronouncement as a basis for expanding legal protection to same-sex couples.

    This is the same that opened the doors to marriage equality in Costa Rica and that has already impacted upon other countries in the region (like Ecuador and now Bolivia).

    And thus, as was apparent all along, Costa Rica, leading by example, pulls yet another Latin nation subject to adhere to the binding opinions of the CIDH into some semblance of compliance. From a diplomatic/judicial standpoint, this has always been Costa Rica's self-appointed role, the little nation that leads by example, and thus drags everyone else in Latin America along behind it. Costa Rica is not actually the most liberal Latin nation (Uruguay is), nor was it the first to achieve marriage equality (Argentina and Mexico more or less tie in vying for this honor), but Costa Rica always seems to maneuver itself in such a way that it pulls the more retrograde Latin nations along, making certain that no one is left behind. Of course, it is a big job for a little nation and the job itself is far from over.

    Needless to say, Sunday morning editorials like this one in the leading newspaper of Costa Rica reminding its citizens and voters of their nation's unceasing role in leading a plethora of much larger Latin nations on a whole range of social issues, like marriage equality, is equally important.

  • 26. JayJonson  |  December 14, 2020 at 8:06 am

    As Rick predicted would happen, SCOTUS has denied Cert in Box v. Henderson, the Indiana case about including same-sex parents on the birth certificates of their children.

  • 27. VIRick  |  December 14, 2020 at 9:41 am

    Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in "Box v. Henderson"

    Per Equality Case Files:

    This morning, 14 December 2020, the Supreme Court denied certiorari in "Box v. Henderson," Indiana's appeal of a decision requiring both mothers in a same-sex marriage to be listed on their children’s birth certificates. This leaves in place the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision requiring the state "to recognize the children of the plaintiffs as legitimate children, born in wedlock, and to identify both wives in each union as parents."

    The full Order List 592 U.S. is here, where the entry simply states, "Certiorari Denied:

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