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Washington Blade profiles our work to pick up DOMA votes

…gressive California-based grassroots organizing network, pushed the lawmakers to articulate their support. Rick Jacobs, chair of the Courage Campaign, said his organization began eyeing important votes in the committee upon introduction of the Respect for Marriage Act in March. “It was two situations where we had this idea … to have people tell their stories locally and to make sure … that these legislators heard that they all have constituents,…

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DOMA trials: A summary of the Second Circuit’s hearing in Windsor v. USA

…cuit to take up the case.  The 3-judge panel who heard oral arguments today was comprised of Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs, a George H.W. Bush appointee, Judge Chester Straub, a Bill Clinton appointee, and Judge Christopher Droney, an appointee of President Barack Obama. First up to argue on behalf of BLAG was Paul Clement, the super-star conservative attorney who argued against the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court and defended DOMA when it w…

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Courage’s Rick Jacobs: Meg Whitman won’t be able to defend Prop 8

…early has no grasp of.” However, the Bee broke a new story today, after interviewing Courage’s Rick Jacobs about whether Whitman would actually even be able to defend the law, given the timing of her potential inauguration: Courage Campaign director Rick Jacobs noted that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has already scheduled a hearing for the week of Dec. 6 to determine whether the initiative’s sponsor, the advocacy group…

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Courage’s Rick Jacobs tells Stop SB 48 campaign to stop the lies

…works, which is why we at Courage are especially fired up to do something about it. Today, Courage’s Rick Jacobs sent a letter to Paulo Sibaja with the Stop SB 48 campaign telling him to cut it out. You can find the letter here. We have to educate the public on what the opposition is saying and why it’s false, while at the same time calling out our opponents and refuting signature-gatherers on the ground. A press release is below. &nb…

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Liveblogging Day 7: Daily Summary

…ir attention, or professors, or bosses and couldn’t stay obsessively refreshing all day long. Today, Rick Jacobs and Brian Leubitz took turns again posting. Tomorrow, Rick will be there throughout the day. We are getting close to the end of the plaintiff’s witnesses. They might be able to wrap up tomorrow, but it could bleed into Friday. — DAILY SUMMARY [UPDATE] 9:05] By Rick Jacobs By Rick Jacobs [Now we get into the issue of c…

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Someone has a crush on Rick Jacobs

…t be a little bit of a Valentine’s crush going on between Terrence and Courage’s founder/chair Rick Jacobs: February 11, 2011 Psst, So-and-So’s Got a Crush By PHILIP GALANES MOST of us entertain little crushes on folks in the public eye. Don’t bother denying it. There may be dashes of physical attraction (hello, Rafa Nadal), but just as often, our fancies run to the wildly ingenious (Mark Zuckerberg), or wickedly funny (Amy Sedaris),…

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