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Federal district court judge rules that the ban on transgender military servicemembers can’t be implemented yet

One injunction remains in effect for now.

Continue 8 Comments March 19, 2019

SCOTUS denies one LGBT-related case, doesn’t act on others

SCOTUS still hasn’t acted in the cases we’re following.

Continue 4 Comments March 18, 2019

Department of Defense issues new memo on transgender military servicemembers set to take effect April 12

DoD has “new” trans service policy.

Continue 29 Comments March 12, 2019

Short SCOTUS update 3/11

SCOTUS could decide whether to take up several LGBT cases this week.

Continue 8 Comments March 11, 2019

Quick SCOTUS update and open thread

Open thread and a brief update.

Continue 49 Comments March 5, 2019

Quick SCOTUS update

A few SCOTUS updates.

Continue 19 Comments February 28, 2019

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