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Open thread and SCOTUS news

SCOTUS denies review in discrimination case, and more.

Continue 68 Comments December 11, 2017

Masterpiece Cakeshop oral argument audio is here

Audio of the argument is online.

Continue 35 Comments December 8, 2017

Masterpiece Cakeshop argument reactions thread

Reactions thread.

Continue 66 Comments December 5, 2017

News round-up and open thread: SCOTUS edition

News from SCOTUS.

Continue 12 Comments December 4, 2017

News round-up and open thread

News on Trump’s ban on transgender servicemembers and more.

Continue 66 Comments November 28, 2017

News round-up and open thread w/ BREAKING news

Open thread with breaking news.

Continue 40 Comments November 21, 2017

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