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Equality news round-up: News from Alabama, North Carolina, and more

States sue to attack Obama administration’s transgender policy, and more.

Continue 19 Comments May 31, 2016

Equality news round-up: Mississippi declines to appeal initial ruling in favor of same-sex adoption, and news from Alabama

News from Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia.

Continue 23 Comments May 4, 2016

Round up and open thread

Good news from Illinois, mixed news from Mississippi.

Continue 237 Comments April 5, 2016

US Supreme Court upholds Alabama same-sex couple’s adoption

Court upholds same-sex adoption.

Continue 234 Comments March 7, 2016

Open thread BREAKING NEWS: Stay granted in Alabama case

Open thread.

Continue 118 Comments December 14, 2015

Open thread

Open thread.

Continue 48 Comments December 7, 2015

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