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3/29 Open thread and news updates

Open thread and Trump administration updates.

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Open thread w/ UPDATES

Open thread for news and discussion.

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Open thread with updates

Open thread for news and discussion.

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Open thread w/ UPDATEx2

Open thread plus news on the Trump administration and protections for transgender students.

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Open thread

Open thread.

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News round-up and open thread

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill
– The New York Times is reporting that the Trump administration won’t undo President Obama’s executive orders protecting some LGBT workers. He could still of course issue a religious freedom” executive order which could allow some discrimination.

– At the end of last week, the Trump administration released an executive order banning people from predominately Muslim countries from coming here and restricting refugees from some countries. The ACLU and immigration lawyers immediately challenged the ban and it has since been halted. It would have included LGBT refugees of course. Buzzfeed has some good reporting on everything that happened.

– Alao over the weekend, the Acting Attorney General, a holdover from the Obama administration, issued a memo saying that the Justice Department would not defend the immigration orders, and she was promptly fired by President Trump. She had been a federal prosecutor since 1989.

– President Trump is expected to name his Supreme Court nominee today. According to reports, the list has been narrowed to two deeply conservative appeals court judges. Democrats have said they will filibuster the nominee.

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