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Filed under: Conversion therapy cases

Open thread 11/12

Open thread.

Continue 26 Comments November 12, 2019

Open thread and some Supreme Court news

New updates in the Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit.

Continue 70 Comments January 10, 2017

Equality news round-up: News on religious exemptions in Mississippi, an old conversion therapy case back in the Ninth Circuit, and more

News from Mississippi, California, and more.

Continue 111 Comments June 23, 2016

Jurors rule that “conversion therapy” is consumer fraud in JONAH case

LGBT ‘conversion therapy’ is consumer fraud.

Continue 134 Comments June 25, 2015

Equality news round-up: News on federal employees, and more

News from California and more.

Continue 136 Comments June 24, 2015

Equality news round up: A look back at the decision to move forward on marriage, and more

News from the White House, and more.

Continue 40 Comments June 23, 2015

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