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Filed under: Conversion therapy cases

Equality news round-up: JONAH trial still going on, and more

News from New Jersey, the Supreme Court, and more.

Continue 45 Comments June 17, 2015

Equality news round-up: Still waiting on Supreme Court’s decision in the marriage cases

News from the Supreme Court, and more.

Continue 48 Comments June 16, 2015

Equality news round-up: Transgender rights edition

News from Washington DC, New Jersey, and more.

Continue 72 Comments June 10, 2015

Equality news round-up: States react to pending marriage equality decision, and more

News from Alabama, North Carolina, and more.

Continue 58 Comments June 2, 2015

Congressman introduces bill to ban so-called LGBT conversion “therapy” nationally

Bill would ban the practice as “fraud”.

Continue 53 Comments May 19, 2015

Equality news round-up: News that’s not from Alabama

News from New Jersey, South Dakota, and more.

Continue 24 Comments February 13, 2015

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