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Highlights from DeBoer v. Snyder trial transcripts, day 2

Recap of Day 2 of the DeBoer v. Snyder trial. EqualityOnTrial will provide more coverage from the transcripts today.

Continue 100 Comments March 3, 2014

Federal court grants request to split Michigan marriage equality trial in two parts

The challenge to Michigan’s same-sex marriage and adoption ban will be split into two parts.

Continue 7 Comments January 6, 2014

State defendants in Michigan marriage equality lawsuit ask federal judge not to split trial in two parts

The state officials defending Michigan’s anti-gay marriage and adoption laws from constitutional attack in federal court are asking the judge to limit the issues he will hear at trial.

Continue 15 Comments December 13, 2013

Michigan same-sex couples ask federal judge to split February trial into two parts

The same-sex couples challenging Michigan’s marriage equality ban have filed a new motion asking the federal district court to split their upcoming trial into two parts.

Continue 3 Comments November 26, 2013

BREAKING: Federal judge won’t rule immediately on Michigan same-sex marriage ban

The hearing in DeBoer v. Snyder, the federal challenge to Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban has just concluded and the judge said he won’t issue a ruling today.

Continue 5 Comments October 16, 2013

Arguments in Michigan marriage equality case to be heard in mid-October

A federal judge will hear oral arguments in the challenge to Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage in mid-October.

Continue 3 Comments September 16, 2013

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