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Filed under: Discrimination

Brief SCOTUS update

No news from SCOTUS.

Continue 16 Comments March 23, 2020

SCOTUS grants LGBT case for next term

SCOTUS grants case about same-sex couples and foster parenting.

Continue 5 Comments February 24, 2020

1/16 news round up and open thread

A few news items.

Continue 21 Comments January 16, 2020

1/13-1/14 open thread and SCOTUS updates

SCOTUS still hasn’t taken any action on LGBT cases.

Continue 14 Comments January 13, 2020

12/10 News update and open thread

Open thread and some news.

Continue 31 Comments December 10, 2019

11/25 news round-up and open thread UPDATE

Open thread and a few news items.

Continue 15 Comments November 25, 2019

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