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Filed under: Discrimination

11/25 news round-up and open thread UPDATE

Open thread and a few news items.

Continue 15 Comments November 25, 2019

10/28 news round-up and open thread

News and an open thread.

Continue 17 Comments October 28, 2019

Argument audio for SCOTUS arguments in the Title VII LGBT cases

Argument audio is now available for the historic cases.

Continue 7 Comments October 11, 2019

SCOTUS LGBT Title VII cases: reaction thread and transcripts UPDATED

Initial reactions from court observers.

Continue 18 Comments October 8, 2019

Supreme Court Title VII cases will be argued tomorrow October 8

Historic day tomorrow at the Supreme Court.

Continue 9 Comments October 7, 2019

9/30 news and open thread UPDATE 10/3

Open thread and Trump administration news.

Continue 37 Comments September 30, 2019

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