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Open thread and news updates 2/15

Open thread and news updates.

Continue 28 Comments February 15, 2019

SCOTUS could decide whether to hear LGBT employment cases at 2/15 conference

SCOTUS will discuss the cases at its private conference on 2/15.

Continue 56 Comments February 4, 2019

SCOTUS not likely to act on LGBT petitions until after January

Several cases await the Justices.

Continue 41 Comments December 3, 2018

SCOTUS to decide whether to take up LGBT employment discrimination cases

The Court will hold a conference on three cases on November 30.

Continue 53 Comments November 8, 2018

DOJ tells SCOTUS it doesn’t think federal employment law protects transgender employees

The administration is expressing more hostility to LGBT people.

Continue 47 Comments October 24, 2018

Open thread and news

Open thread.

Continue 6 Comments October 22, 2018

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