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Filed under: Marriage equality

States file their briefs defending same-sex marriage bans in Supreme Court

State officials’ merits briefs are in.

Continue 37 Comments March 27, 2015

Federal judge blocks new rule that would help same-sex couples receive Family and Medical Leave Act benefits

Preliminary injunction granted against enforcing the ban.

Continue 83 Comments March 26, 2015

READ IT HERE: Several Puerto Rico officials ask to file friend-of-the-court brief defending marriage ban in First Circuit

Some senators and representatives want to defend the ban.

Continue 27 Comments March 25, 2015

Alabama updates 3/25

Judge could rule on request to make one federal case a class-action, and more.

Continue 60 Comments March 25, 2015

Equality news round-up: Another Alabama hearing coming up, and more

News from Alabama, Indiana, and more.

Continue 67 Comments March 24, 2015

Alabama updates 3/23

Briefing will be done Wednesday on the motion to certify a class-action challenge to the state’s marriage ban.

Continue 119 Comments March 23, 2015

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