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Filed under: Marriage equality

READ IT HERE: Puerto Rico same-sex couples’ reply brief in marriage case

Final brief filed in Puerto Rico marriage case.

Continue 29 Comments April 7, 2015

Supreme Court finalizes time allotted for arguments in marriage cases

Supreme Court arguments in the marriage cases are getting closer.

Continue 71 Comments April 6, 2015

Equality news round-up: Anti-transgender discrimination case settles, and more

News from Florida, the Department of Labor, and more.

Continue 208 Comments April 2, 2015

READ IT HERE: Nebraska officials’ Eighth Circuit brief defending same-sex marriage ban

Opening brief filed in Nebraska appeal.

Continue 125 Comments April 1, 2015

Mary Bonauto will argue in favor of marriage equality at the Supreme Court

Lawyers for the plaintiffs pick two people to argue each question.

Continue 78 Comments March 31, 2015

States file their briefs defending same-sex marriage bans in Supreme Court

State officials’ merits briefs are in.

Continue 99 Comments March 27, 2015

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