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Filed under: Marriage Equality Trials

Equality news round-up: Clean up continues in remaining marriage cases after Supreme Court ruling

Some states are complying, some still have work to do.

Continue 44 Comments July 1, 2015

Equality news round-up: Post marriage equality decision orders, and more

News on the states’ reactions to marriage equality, and more.

Continue 123 Comments June 30, 2015

BREAKING: Supreme Court strikes down bans on same-sex marriage

States are required to license and recognize same-sex marriage.

Continue 453 Comments June 26, 2015

No marriage decision today from Supreme Court, but two progressive wins came down

Health care subsidies survived, and it just became easier to prove discrimination in housing.

Continue 56 Comments June 25, 2015

Equality news round-up: News on federal employees, and more

News from California and more.

Continue 136 Comments June 24, 2015

Equality news round up: A look back at the decision to move forward on marriage, and more

News from the White House, and more.

Continue 40 Comments June 23, 2015

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