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Equality news round-up: News from Mississippi, North Carolina, and more

Updates on challenges to transgender bathroom policies and religious liberty laws.

Continue 32 Comments June 21, 2016

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis has been let out of jail

Davis is out of jail but her office will be monitored for compliance with the judge’s order to issue licenses to all couples.

Continue 49 Comments September 8, 2015

Victory! Brendan Eich has resigned as Mozilla CEO

Mozilla’s anti-LGBT CEO has resigned.

Continue 260 Comments April 3, 2014

To our readers…

A message to our readers on the Mozilla CEO controversy.

Continue 107 Comments April 2, 2014

White House questioned over judicial nominee with anti-LGBT past

Anti-LGBT federal judicial nominee questioned.

Continue 9 Comments February 21, 2014

Iowa ethics board to investigate National Organization for Marriage

In response to a request by former presidential candidate Fred Karger, the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board will investigate NOM for its involvement in the 2010 retention vote of three Supreme Court justices.

Continue 1 Comment August 9, 2013

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