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Filed under: Transgender Rights

News round-up and open thread 10/23

News on challenges to anti-discrimination laws, and more.

Continue Leave a Comment October 23, 2017

News round-up and open thread UPDATE 10/5, 10/6, SCOTUS adds Masterpiece Cakeshop case to December calendar

News from the Sixth Circuit, Mississippi, and more.

Continue 32 Comments October 3, 2017

Open thread and news updates 9/18

A few news updates.

Continue 3 Comments September 18, 2017

News round-up 9/7 w/ BREAKING NEWS

A new SCOTUS petition, and more. With breaking news regarding the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

Continue 9 Comments September 7, 2017

Legal orgs ask federal district court to block President Trump’s ban on transgender servicemembers

NCLR and GLAD request a preliminary injunction against the ban.

Continue 73 Comments August 31, 2017

Trans military ban news round-up

New lawsuits challenge the ban on transgender military servicemembers.

Continue 30 Comments August 28, 2017

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