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Filed under: Transgender Rights

Open thread and some Supreme Court news

New updates in the Supreme Court and Fifth Circuit.

Continue 68 Comments January 10, 2017

READ IT HERE: Opening brief in SCOTUS transgender rights case Gloucester County School Board v. GG

The school board’s brief has been filed.

Continue 61 Comments January 5, 2017

Happy New Year open thread and news updates

Several updates in transgender rights cases.

Continue 16 Comments January 3, 2017

UPDATED: North Carolina’s legislature may adjourn without reconsidering the anti-LGBT law known as HB2/ repeal has failed

NC’s legislature may not repeal HB2 as they had promised.

Continue 112 Comments December 21, 2016

Open thread with HB2 updates, and more

HB2 may be repealed soon.

Continue 27 Comments December 19, 2016

Supreme Court pushes back briefing in transgender rights case

Briefing won’t be completed until late February.

Continue 63 Comments December 8, 2016

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