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Filed under: Transgender Rights

Open thread w/ news updates

Open thread + updates on the GG case from the Fourth Circuit.

Continue 61 Comments July 18, 2016

US Department of Justice files motion to block North Carolina’s enforcement of HB2’s “bathroom bill”

US DOJ asks for one part of HB2 to be immediately blocked.

Continue 133 Comments July 6, 2016

The military’s ban on transgender soldiers has ended

Trans ban officially ends today.

Continue 79 Comments June 30, 2016

Equality news round-up: News on religious exemptions in Mississippi, an old conversion therapy case back in the Ninth Circuit, and more

News from Mississippi, California, and more.

Continue 111 Comments June 23, 2016

Equality news round-up: News from Mississippi, North Carolina, and more

Updates on challenges to transgender bathroom policies and religious liberty laws.

Continue 32 Comments June 21, 2016

Gloucester School Board will ask Supreme Court to hear transgender student’s case

The case could be historic for transgender rights.

Continue 65 Comments June 8, 2016

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