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Filed under: Transgender Rights

Open thread and news round-up

Open thread with news on several cases.

Continue 63 Comments August 15, 2017

Equality news round-up: New lawsuits are being filed to stop Trump’s trans military ban

A round-up of challenges to Trump’s trans military ban.

Continue 45 Comments August 9, 2017

Trump announces he’s kicking transgender people out of the military

Transgender people barred from military service.

Continue 72 Comments July 26, 2017

Open thread with news updates

Open thread with some news.

Continue 40 Comments July 21, 2017

Open thread: SCOTUS updates, and more

7/10 open thread.

Continue 54 Comments July 10, 2017

Equality news round-up: Breaking news, and more

Disappointing news from Texas and North Carolina, and more.

Continue 72 Comments June 30, 2017

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