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Filed under: Transgender Rights

Equality news round-up: what happens if marriage equality loses at the Supreme Court, and more

News from Guam, Nebraska, and more.

Continue 40 Comments May 6, 2015

Repeal of California law protecting transgender student rights fails to qualify for November ballot

Repeal of transgender rights law fails to qualify for California ballot.

Continue 14 Comments February 25, 2014

Trans women win North Carolina legal challenges surrounding name changes

The women had challenged a law from the 1800s the prevented them from obtaining legal documents with their preferred names.

Continue 5 Comments February 24, 2014

New Jersey takes one step forward on marriage equality, one step back on trans rights

Gov. Christie–who vetoed the state’s marriage equality bill in 2012–this week vetoed a transgender rights bill as well.

Continue 14 Comments January 17, 2014

Anti-LGBT group submits signatures for ballot measure to overturn transgender protections

A new ballot initiative push in California features some old players–and, likely, some old tactics.

Continue 35 Comments November 12, 2013

CA governor approves transgender birth certificate legislation

Another victory for trans-inclusive policies in California.

Continue 4 Comments October 11, 2013

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