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Filed under: Transgender Rights

Gloucester School Board asks Supreme Court to take up Gavin Grimm’s case

SCOTUS asked once again to decide whether people who are transgender can use the correct restrooms at school.

Continue 23 Comments February 22, 2021

President Biden reverses military’s ban on trans military servicemembers

The order directs an end to denials and discharges immediately.

Continue 53 Comments January 25, 2021

Supreme Court denies review in anti-transgender case

SCOTUS denies review in case that could have set back trans rights.

Continue 27 Comments December 7, 2020

Quick SCOTUS update

A trans rights case has been listed for discussion at the Justices’ private conference.

Continue 22 Comments October 8, 2020

8/25 open thread UPDATE 8/26

Open thread. Update on trans rights case.

Continue 37 Comments August 25, 2020

8/17 open thread and news updates UPDATED 8/19 with SCOTUS news

Open thread. 8/19 SCOTUS update.

Continue 16 Comments August 17, 2020

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