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Filed under: Transgender Rights

News round up and open thread 6/21 w/ UPDATES

News from the DOJ, and more.

Continue 71 Comments June 21, 2017

5/30 Open thread and news round-up w/ UPDATES – updated 5/31

News updates from 5/30-31.

Continue 112 Comments May 30, 2017

New briefs filed in Gavin Grimm’s challenge to school board’s anti-transgender bathroom policy

New briefs filed in the Fourth Circuit.

Continue 80 Comments May 8, 2017

Lots of major updates in LGBT legal cases

Here are several important updates in pending cases.

Continue 42 Comments April 14, 2017

3/29 Open thread and news updates

Open thread and Trump administration updates.

Continue 13 Comments March 29, 2017

Open thread with updates in pending cases

Updates in Gavin Grimm’s case, and more.

Continue 66 Comments March 14, 2017

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