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Masterpiece Cakeshop oral argument audio is here

Audio of the argument is online.

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Open thread for news and discussion.

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Marriage News Watch is Wrapping Up

By Matt Baume

With just a few exceptions, same-sex couples have the freedom to marry from coast to coast. We now face a backlash against equality that could close off LGBT access to housing, employment, or government services. But marriage is safe.

Only a few isolated locations in the country remain where same-sex couples can’t get married. Those opposed to equality are getting increasingly desperate, with stall tactics and long-shot legal games. We’re also likely to see renewed attacks on other civil rights, so there’s still going to be a lot of work to do in order to protect equality. But the story of marriage is changing from something we’re fighting to achieve to something we’re actually living. That’s why as of this week I’m wrapping up Marriage News Watch.

An organization like AFER exists so that someday we won’t have to fight for equality. It started in the aftermath of Prop 8, and since then a lot has happened: AFER gathered together a bipartisan coalition to challenge marriage bans nationwide. We won in district court, in appellate court, and when the Supreme Court ruled in 2013, marriage was restored across California. That win was proof that we’d found a winning argument: that the Constitution’s guarantee of due process and equal protection extends to all couples, no matter their gender.

Since then, that exact same reasoning has been upheld in dozens of rulings, in courts all across the country. In just the last few years, we’ve restored marriage in California, public support has climbed by about two percentage points per year, and the freedom to marry has spread from state to state until it now covers the whole country.

From lawyers to activists to couples to politicians to regular folks, it’s impossible to identify all of the millions of people who played a role in defending equality for all. This is a victory to which we all contributed, whether by attending a rally, writing about why marriage matters, sharing videos like these, or simply by living our lives openly and honestly. So when you see the country realizing the freedom on which it was founded, you can feel proud of being a part of that.

AFER’s channel will stay up, so you can always watch popular videos like the celebrity-studded broadcast of the play 8, or AFER’s journey to decision day, or this debunking of NOM’s crazy claims.

And although Marriage News Watch is wrapping up, I’ll still be around. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what I’m up to, and follow me @mattbaume on Twitter.

Huge thanks to all the thousands of people who’ve watched and shared Marriage News Watch over the last few years. It means so much that we’ve all been able to work toward marriage equality together. If there’s anything we’ve learned in that time, it’s that visibility is key. And so even a simple act like watching a video, commenting, and sharing helps change the world for the better, one person at a time.

It’s been a great couple of years. Keep in touch, and I’ll see you soon.

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Defending our Marriage Victory Won’t Be Easy

By Matt Baume

Did you have a nice weekend? Last Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protects marriage for everyone — including same-sex couples. It is a decision we have been waiting decades for. And now, all our work is, well, actually, not quite done yet. Let’s take a look at what the court just decided, and what comes next.

There are two huge wins in the Supreme Court decision: one is that the US Constitution guarantees equal protection when it comes to marriage for same-sex couples. That means that states can no longer refuse to let LGBTs marry. The second is that each state has to recognize licenses from every other state. This isn’t just a win for same-sex couples. And it’s not a loss for anyone. When the court upholds the Constitution, expanding equality and justice, everybody wins.

So, now what? Everyone’s still kind of figuring that out. Across the vast majority of the country, couples are getting married and having their existing marriages recognized. But we’re probably going to see a few isolated pockets of resistance. For example, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that clerks may be able to turn same-sex couples away. State officials also said that marriages shouldn’t start yet. But a lot of local clerks have were like, no, we’re starting now, and began issuing licenses right away.

Conflicts like that will probably keep popping up here and there for a while. Missouri’s looking at getting out of the marriage business altogether. North Carolina just passed a bill that lets officials refuse to issue licenses to all couples, gay and straight. Florida clerks have done the same, without waiting for a law making it legal for them to do so. There will be a couple places where people will still have to fight for the rights that the Constitution guarantees.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the same thing happened in the 1950s when the Supreme Court ordered an end to segregated schools. Some places just closed their schools altogether, rather than integrate them. Kids literally had nowhere to go, because officials preferred to deprive everyone of their rights rather than extend those rights to a minority.

But that tactic didn’t last. With integration, as with marriage, the Supreme Court’s orders were very clear, and civil rights groups fought to have the schools re-opened so the long hard work of integration could move ahead. Over time, the same thing will happen with marriage, but it won’t happen by itself. There will still be parts of the country where couples will have to fight for Constitutionally guaranteed rights. We got the victory — now we need to defend it.

But now’s also a good time to step back, reflect, celebrate, and thank the millions of people who helped make history. This win is thanks in large part to pioneers who stood up for equality in the 70s, leaders like Andrew Sullivan and Evan Wolfson who expanded the conversation in the 80s, organizations like Lambda Legal and GLAD that fought for equality in the 90s, and the growing chorus of voices from the ACLU to NCLR and HRC in the 2000s. But of course it’s not just organizations that made this happen. Whether you marched in a parade, or held a sign, or talked to your family about why marriage matters, this win is also thanks to you.

Now you might be wondering what’s next for this show, Marriage News Watch? There’s still going to be marriage news to report, though it’ll be very different news from what it was before. We’re heading into a new world, and while there’s no telling exactly what’s going to happen, it’s definitely going to be exciting. So say tuned for more to come.

Thanks again so much for watching, sharing, liking, subscribing, and commenting on Marriage News Watch. Keep in touch, and I’ll see you next week.

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