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Equality news round-up: News from NOM, the Westboro Baptist Church, and more

Fourth Circuit map

NOM wants attorneys’ fees, the Westboro Baptist Church opposes recognition of existing same-sex marriages in Kansas, and more.


47 Comments December 16, 2014

UPDATED: Supreme Court is asked to halt same-sex marriages in Florida

Justice Thomas is asked to put same-sex marriage on hold in Florida. He called for a response, due Thursday.


37 Comments December 15, 2014

READ IT HERE: Tennessee opposes Supreme Court review in marriage case

It's time for marriage equality. Attribution: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Tennessee officials do not back Supreme Court review of same-sex marriage case.


9 Comments December 15, 2014

Gay Groups Seek to Recoup Costs of Marriage Litigation from Losing States

South Carolina's anti-gay Attorney General may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to gay rights groups. New research shows why marriage equality has been so successful so fast. And Hillary Clinton gets thanks for supporting the freedom to marry from an unlikely ...


22 Comments December 15, 2014

Ohio supports Supreme Court review in marriage case

Ohio state seal

Another state agrees the Court should take up marriage equality.


17 Comments December 12, 2014

Equality news round-up: more post-DOMA changes announced, and more

President Obama speaks before signing executive order. Attribution: Scottie Thomaston

News on DOMA, hate crimes, employment discrimination, and more.


50 Comments December 12, 2014

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