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Open thread and news

News on the trans service ban.


49 Comments December 14, 2018

News round-up: DC Circuit hears arguments in trans military servicemember ban case

Appeals court hears arguments.


24 Comments December 10, 2018

SCOTUS not likely to act on LGBT petitions until after January

Several cases await the Justices.


41 Comments December 3, 2018

Open thread and SCOTUS news

SCOTUS reschedules private conference for LGBT employment discrimination cases.


66 Comments November 27, 2018

SCOTUS asked to decide transgender military servicemember ban cases

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

Trump administration asks SCOTUS to hear the cases before the courts of appeals.


53 Comments November 23, 2018

Open thread 11/19 w/ BREAKING UPDATE

Open thread.


32 Comments November 19, 2018

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