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Neil Gorsuch Senate Judiciary hearing thread

Live stream of hearing is linked.


45 Comments March 21, 2017

Open thread with updates in pending cases

Updates in Gavin Grimm’s case, and more.


66 Comments March 14, 2017

Equality news round-up: Updates in Gavin Grimm’s case, and more

Fourth Circuit map

Updates from Virginia, North Carolina, and more.


10 Comments March 13, 2017

Supreme Court sends Gavin Grimm’s case back to lower courts, won’t hear arguments this term

The U.S. Supreme Court. Attribution: Jeff Kubina

The Court won’t hear arguments this term. It’s up to the lower courts to resolve the merits of the case without the former Obama administration’s guidance document.


44 Comments March 6, 2017

Parties in Gavin Grimm’s Supreme Court challenge to school board’s anti-transgender policy file letters on next steps

Both parties have asked the Court to still hear the case. The school board asks the Court to postpone arguments though and ask the Solicitor General to file a brief.


55 Comments March 1, 2017

Open thread with updates

Open thread for news and discussion.


9 Comments February 28, 2017

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