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Jackson v. Abercrombie: Governor and Plaintiffs appeal HI Marriage Case

September 17, 2012

Jackson v. Abercrombie (HI Marriage case)

Both the plaintiffs Jackson, et al., and Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie have filed notices of appeal with the 9th Circuit.  In a footnote, Gov. Abercrombie stresses the fact that he is an appellant and asks that the briefing schedule for the two appeals be consolidated.  Per its usual procedure, the 9th Circuit set a briefing schedule at the time the appeals were docketed and, because they were both docketed on the same day, the briefing schedules coincide.  However, we might see a formal motion to consolidate the two cases from one or more parties.

Plaintiffs’ Notice of Appeal, Docketed as case number 12-16995; Time Schedule Order
Gov. Abercrombie Notice of Appeal, Docketed as case number 12-16998; Time Schedule Order