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Watch: ‘Stunned’ NOM Chairman Testifies At Hawaii Marriage Hearing [New Civil Rights Movement]

November 3, 2013

For those following the Hawaii hearings it has a been a tedious, repetitive, out pouring of:  …gays are responsible for everything bad in the world and if you vote for SB1 the human race will disappear and God’s wrath will be upon us…and we will no longer be able to teach our children the way we want…and our marriages will be less sacred…

 It is reminiscent to pre-science/pre-internet times where all feared a terrible God that is always displeased and people are subject to charismatic leaders and their scare tactics.  For the current sessions, 5000+ persons signed up to testify, as of Sunday Morning, around 500 yet to speak. NOM participated in this mindless babble of incoherent “testimony”:

Warning same-sex marriage will bring “devastating consequences for society,” John Eastman this past week asked lawmakers when marriage became “simply a welfare delivery system?” Eastman, the chairman of the board of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, testified in Honolulu against SB-1, the same-sex marriage bill currently before the Hawaii House.