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Tag: Bus

NOM tour bus FAIL: Get a load of this

By Eden James


Well, actually quite believable. But get a load of this iStock photo scandal.

Good As You (cross-posted with permission) breaks the news:

You’re in luck, fans of NOM’s traveling stock photo collection on wheels. For we have pinpointed all of the model families who are featured on this hetero-only dog and pony show’s tour bus (whether they like it or not), so that now every common Joe and Jane can go off and manufacture their own replica vehicle:


Happy Family in Studio

Portrait of a smiling family over white background

Family of three on white

Cute family

We can hear those wheels a spinning, General Motors execs. Why it could save the entire industry, this campy heterosexist jalopy.

Hmmm… you think that maybe, just maybe, one of those “families” in these iStock photos might not agree with NOM’s take on same-sex marriage?

121 Comments July 16, 2010