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Tag: Frank Scubert

Liveblogging Day 10: Part I

By Rick Jacobs

It’s just after 0830 and we’re back for week three, day ten. I now feel as is I belong up here on 19, in the Ceremonial Court Room, with Teddy from FDL and seven or so others. Frank Schubert just walked in. For the record, he’s a genial guy and he obviously knows how to win campaigns. Let us not mistake skill for belief. He’s no William Tam or Andy Pugno (see Brian’s excellent post).

The Prop. 8 side has given notice that they want to call Frank, but the plaintiffs have objected. We’ll see what happens.

The first order of business this morning will be procedural and then we’ll have the plaintiff’s document dump, which I have a feeling will be more than fascinating.

For those of you not in San Francisco, it’s wet and cold again. Remember that that the first day of the trial, with that beautiful vigil organized by Molly McKay and MEUSA, was a cold, crisp and eventually very bright day. While I’m not much into omens, that was the right way to begin this trial.

One last point. At some point today or tomorrow, I’ll write a bit about the folks behind AFER, but I want to mention again the key person. His name is Chad Griffin. I have known Chad since the Dean Campaign, in 2002. He’s young (well, he’s recovering slowly from that), uncannily smart and has a natural talent for communications. While Rob Reiner had the idea to hire Ted Olson and gets full credit for same, Chad made all of this happen. He’s sometimes a bit reluctant to get too out front and that’s probably smart given today’s environment, but we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

We’ll be back to you, the community that cares so deeply about equality, to help get some ideas about how to build our movement during the coming weeks, months and even years before this winds up, almost inevitably, at the Supreme Court. We cannot rely on judges alone. We have to show our friends, neighbors, coworkers and all of America that we progressives, we who are gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender, we who are straight and care about our nation, all want equality.

We’re waiting for the judge. And then off we go!

[UPDATE] 8:59

Judge Walker: Good morning. I hope you had a good weekend. Mr. Boutrous, I understand you have some things to bring up?

B: We understand that the proponents want to call Mr. Schubert. We do not think the proponents have the right to call Frank Schubert while having obstructed our inquiry with 76 objections to producing documents. In terms of calling Mr. Schubert to authenticate documents, we have no particular objection, but if

Judge Walker: When did you learn that Mr. Schubert would be a witness? As I recall on Friday, the defense was going to call Mr. Blankenhorn and Mr. Miller. They did not mention Mr. Schubert. (more…)

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