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Tag: Kenneth Miller

Get your “Lesbians Love Boies” t-shirt

By Julia Rosen

David Boies became a hero around these parts for his thorough embarrassing of both Dr. Kenneth Miller and David Blankenhorn during his epic cross-examinations. One of our regular Trial Trackers in the comments, the poster formerly known as Barb, even changed her username to “Lesbians Love Boies”.

We loved that phrase so much that we made it into a t-shirt. It’s available on Skreend, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Courage Campaign. Think of Skreened as a more ethical Cafepress that prints all of their gear on American Apparel. So all of you gay boys can buy one too and fit your gym bodies. Or if you haven’t been to the gym in a while, there are some sweet hoodies and tote bags available.

If you are wearing one and ever run into David Boies, please do take a picture of the two of you together. We’d love to post it.

[UPDATE] You asked for it in the comments and you got it. “Boys <3 Boies" is now available for purchase!

76 Comments January 27, 2010

The burning question: Who was the worst witness?

By Julia Rosen

Brian thought that he had the question of the day “This is a Witness for the Defense?”, but that was a little too rhetorical.

I’ve got a better one. Who was the worst witness for the defense, Dr. Kenneth Miller or David Blankenhorn? Which one did the most damage to their case. Or put another way, which one was the most helpful for our side?

I know, it’s a tough call. I’m sure we can all agree the real winner was David Boies and the plaintiffs.

Go vote!

[polldaddy poll=2604296]

This won’t be the last poll we put up. After all, there is a lot of time to kill between now and February 26th. If you have ideas for future polls you want to see run on the Trial Tracker, please chime in the comments.

174 Comments January 27, 2010

Liveblogging Day 11: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Can you believe we only have one day left of testimony? That’s a shame because watching David Boies cross-exam the defense’s witnesses sure has been entertaining. Our Trial Trackers can’t get enough of it. The stats and comments go through the roof any time Boies is grilling someone.

For those who like metrics as much as I do, we are now at 1.3 million views and over 13,000 comments. That’s more than a thousand comments a day.

Rick will be back tomorrow, which is likely to be a half day, since Boies just has to finish his cross examination of David Blankenhorn. Charles Cooper told Judge Walker today that they will not be calling Frank Schubert to the stand, so Miller and Blankenhorn will be their only witnesses. Then we will have a several week break before the closing arguments.

With that said, daily summary time… (more…)

54 Comments January 26, 2010

Liveblogging Day 11: Part II

By Rick Jacobs

[Wherein Mr. Boies backs Prof. Kenneth Miller into a very small corner bounded by Prof. Miller’s own words and views.)

Sorry if some of this is not clear. I’m trying to get the quotes that Boies reads from Miller’s writings. When they read stuff, that’s hard sometimes. So I try to get the gist.]

B: Look at your Seattle Law Review article. At times … initiative process has provided convenient means by which to undermine minorities and bypass checks and balances. In CA steady stream has passed, nearly all of which have been challenged in court.

M: Yes.

B: Courts have long assumed the responsibility for defending the rights of minorities, especially when political process harms them.

M: Yes.

B: Conflict between initiatives targeted at minorities and courts strict scrutiny to protect minorities is normal. (Courts have long assumed the responsibility for protecting minorities…especially when the operation of those political processes ordinarily relied on to protect minorities..”)

M: My understanding of this quote…

B: You wrote this. (more…)

185 Comments January 26, 2010

Liveblogging Day 11: Part I

By Rick Jacobs

David Boies continues his cross-examination of Prof. Kenneth Miller.

Judge Walker: Ready to continue you’re cross-examination, Mr. Boies?

Boies (B): Yes, I am, your honor.

Judge Walker: Prof. Miller, you are still under oath.

Miller (M): Yes.

B: Offering as exhibit the documents that Prof. Miller indicated yesterday on which he indicated he had produced, did not remember or counsel produced papers on which Miller relied for his testimony.

B: At break, we talked about polls. Offer 2853, exit polls you looked at. Clear to you that people who attended church more often were highly more likely to vote yes on 8 than other people? My question goes to your state of mind.

M: Yes, this looks like other polls including LA Times. Fair to say that those who were regular church attenders more likely to vote yes on 8 than others.

B: Look at p. 8. 32% of population that attended church weekly voted yes on Prop. 8 84% of the time. Consistent with your understanding?

M: I’m not sure of the percentage, but that seems generally right. (more…)

151 Comments January 26, 2010

Liveblogging Day 10: Daily Summary

By Julia Rosen

Man, David Boies just destroyed the defense’s first witness today on cross. I even had a friend and a former student of Professor Miller tweeting at me their embarrassment at his implosion. More specifically, Miller admitted that DOMA and DADT were legislated discrimination. And that was just the afternoon…

This morning the plaintiffs introduced evidence of Prop 8 proponents comparing gay marriage to 9/11 and a reference to polygamy or two. Oh and the tiny little revelation that NOM, the Catholic Church, LDS Church, and the Family Research Council all conspired together through to use fear and lies to pass Prop 8. It’s something we all knew, but it sure is validating to see it all laid out in Federal Court.

Boies gets to finish his fun in the morning, then it is on to their second and possibly last witness. I think they know they just hurt their case if they get any witnesses of their own on the stand, so they aren’t calling very many.

Now for the real show, the compiled liveblogging from Rick Jacobs from day 10 of Perry v. Schwarzengger. (more…)

76 Comments January 25, 2010

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