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Recapping the week of November 28-December 4 at

Weekly roundup

By Adam Bink

What you may have missed over the past week at…

On Monday, November 28th, we had a vibrant discussion in the comments about the new Get Up ad for marriage equality that’s all the rage online and off and Matt Baume did his usual video roundup of marriage equality news.

On Tuesday, Jacob posted the response briefs in the Prop 8 trial case regarding the appeal of Judge Ware’s decision to release the tapes, and I posted the news regarding next steps in Iowa over the freedom to marry in the state.

On Wednesday, I introduced our Tell Casey to Commit Campaign on DOMA repeal; posted on Randy Thomasson’s decision to compare California children to lambs in a slaughterhouse if they learned about LGBT history; and Jacob wrote about why the same-sex marriage lawsuit in New York State is likely to go nowhere.

On Thursday, World AIDS Day, I wrote about the lack of attention to finding a vaccine, and about right-wingers pressuring Sen. Lieberman on DOMA repeal; Jacob wrote about the actor behind the Get Up ad in Australia and where marriage equality stands in the country and the Senate’s push to allow military chaplains to opt-out of same-sex weddings.

On Friday, I wrote about Courage Campaign Institute’s entry in the December contest to win a $50,000 donation from Pepsi for our Camp Courage leadership trainings for LGBT youth (sign up for a quick daily reminder to vote for us in the month of December! Takes you 10 seconds); Jacob gave the skinny on this week’s hearings in the Prop 8 trial; I wrote about Michelle Bachmann’s response regarding whether gay, lesbian and bisexual people can marry the person of the same-sex, and Alexandra Petri’s rebuttal; and Jacob wrote about the decision to allow the upcoming hearings in the Prop 8 trial to be broadcast, as well as new briefs.

On Saturday, Jacob covered new briefs in the DOMA cases, and wrote about the Australia Labor Party’s decision to amend its platform in support of same-sex marriage.

Lastly, we had quite a week of this ‘n that in the Quick Hits, the new tool we installed to make sure news items of interest don’t get stuck in the bottom of comment threads. You can find everything from coverage of bullying issues to video interviews with key figures in the Prop 8 trial to coverage of domestic partnership benefits legislation pending in the Senate. Remember that Quick Hits can always be found to the right of the main blog posts (and if someone’s interested in rounding up Quick Hits for the week like this, drop us a line!).

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