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Golden Oldies 2011 version: Open thread, December 23rd

Community/Meta Golden Oldies 2011

An original version of this post was published on December 22, 2011. Here’s a fresh nomination thread-

By Adam Bink

Over at my home blog,, we on the management team like to take the holidays off to rest, recharge, etc. While folks are often driven to write anyway because of current events or inspiration, what we do to keep things lively is feature past pieces that our readers particularly like. We call them “Golden Oldies.” We did this last year at P8TT and had a lot of fun.

We at Courage are closed from Christmas through New Year’s, though we’ll be around, and Jacob and I will occasionally post. But while we’re gone, for the upcoming holiday season between Christmas and New Year’s, I’ll be re-posting some of the more interesting/provocative/brilliant front page pieces from P8TT’s history. The reason is because not everyone has a chance to read every piece throughout the year. As many of you know, if you Google “Prop 8 Trial”, it takes you here, and many folks who came here because they did that during the 9th Circuit hearing, or simply because they just heard about the blog, haven’t had a chance to read some of the better, more insightful pieces from the blog’s history.

So, we’d like to open up the floor to you to recommend your favorite stuff. How do you do that? Just leave a title AND URL in the comments and we’ll pick the best suggestions to post here over the holidays. And if you like someone else’s suggestion, leave a comment saying so.

Take a second and think about what you liked here. It could be live-blogging from this year’s 9th Circuit or California Supreme Court hearings. It could be NOM tour posts from 2010, whether the national tour or the California tour. It could be a great video. It could be a commentary piece you find particularly insightful that I did, or Eden, Julia, Rob T., Jacob, Shannon Minter and Chris Stoll, Jeremy Hooper, Karen Ocamb, Arisha, Rick, or a guest piece. Just leave a URL in the comments and we’ll pick the best suggestions.

Finding the URLs should take you less than a minute. To help you find the URLs, I recommend using the Categories “tags” on the right side of the page you’re currently viewing (they say Community/Meta, DADT Trial… NOM Tour Tracker… etc.). And if you want to go back to find earlier posts beyond the page you’re viewing, scroll down to the bottom and hit the “Older Posts” button. You can keep doing that to scroll back and back. Or, you could just use Google, and I recommend inserting the words “Prop 8 Trial Tracker” in your query along with whatever terms you remember, such as the author or topic. If you simply can’t find it, try asking your fellow P8TTers to help in the comments. And if you like someone’s nomination, be sure to leave a comment “second!” or “third!” or whatnot so we know what the good stuff is. An example is here.

I’ll be asking you as an open thread each night throughout the rest of the week and Christmas.

So, what are your favorites you’d like to see re-posted here for your fellow readers?


  • 1. fiona64  |  December 24, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Not a favorite thing at all, but something of a disappointment. As hard as Courage Campaign has worked for marriage equality, I'm really disappointed that Kim Kardiashian was chosen to be in the millionaire's tax video. She makes a mockery of marriage, but it's all good because she (like me) is straight, right? And since the Kardashians don't do jack without being paid, I'm really disappointed to think that my donations have in any way gone to compensate this woman who is famous merely for being famous. Very disappointed indeed.

  • 2. Adam Bink  |  December 26, 2011 at 7:26 am

    I think you misunderstand. Did you watch the video? It's pretty clear we didn't ask Kim to be in the video. She didn't consent, and we didn't pay. And the video isn't about marriage equality at all (if you check our website, you'll see we're more than a single-issue organization).

    The video is a public education tool. We filed a ballot measure for November 2012 with two dozen other organizations to raise taxes on millionaires like Kim. The money goes to education, infrastructure, police, firefighters, senior services, etc. We use Kim and her millions to paint an example in the video of how the system is unfairly taxing middle-class Californians at nearly the same rate as it taxes Kim (one percentage point difference). People like Kim should pay their fair share. So, no, no money went to Kim in the making of this video, and like you, we're not huge fans of hers.

  • 3. Bob  |  December 26, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Thanks for being honest about your advertising Adam,,, ,,

    NOM lies,, they did an interview with a member of the Vancouver School Board in Canada, on his stand against there anti-bullying program,,, and then used it as an ad against Same Sex Marriage,

    guess NOM is a single-issue organization,,, and they twist every other one to fit their goal,,,

  • 4. KEN92264  |  December 24, 2011 at 9:16 am

    My disappointment is the seemingly intentional foot dragging of the process through the courts. My bi-national partner and I missed the window for marriage a few years ago and have continued to hope that any time now we shall be able to marry but I'm beginning to wonder if it will happen in my lifetime. I'm 72 years old and may not have a lot of time.

  • 5. James  |  December 24, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    I will lose all respect for this country if gay marriage is ever passed. How do you call husband and husband a marriage??

  • 6. _BK_  |  December 25, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Easy. You say, "It's called a marriage." Nothing tricky about that.

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