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Join us for a one-day Twitter fundraiser to help defeat anti-gay Amendment 1 in North Carolina

Marriage equality

By Scottie ThomastonGoal Thermometer

Today, we are joining a one-day Twitter fund raiser to help defeat Amendment 1 in North Carolina. Over 20 activists, writers, bloggers and other folks are participating in this attempt to beat back this odious amendment. There are LGBT activists participating alongside straight allies. Pam Spaulding writes:

We are still in the heat of the fight, airing ads to educate voters about Amendment One’s harms. Today some of my online buddies are joining in as the clock ticks down to the May 8 vote. Early voting is under way and runs through May 5; on Twitter today we are doing a mini-fundraiser, offering to donate to Protect All NC Families from this morning until midnight for each new follower (my counter started at 10,115).

Scott Wooledge writes:

Today, I’m proud to be joining a handful of awesome bloggers and activist in a one-day, Twitter driven mini-fundraiser/awareness campaign to help GOTV. You may recognize many of them, like Pam Spaulding, Courage Campaign’s Rick Jacobs, MoveOn’s Julia Rosen, AmericaBlog’s Joe Sudbay, the hilarious Lizz Winstead and our own [and P8TT’s own] Scottie Thomaston.

Here’s Adam’s tweet:

Here’s my contribution:

Thanks to all those participating: @adamjbink, @davidbadash, @dmcrawford, @joesudbay, @pamspaulding, @indiemcemopants, @tedeytan, @LizzWinstead, @clarknt67, @tlanehudson, @AndySzekeres, @kathyplate, @robynochs, @richferraro, @andekelley, @bilerico, @cooper888, @toddbeeton, @goodasyou, @KTravisBallie, @nathanhjb, @juliarosen, @denisdison, @notfakeandrew, @CourageCampaign, @davidhalldc, @khj, @laurelramseyer, @pullenparkqueer, @allisonpalmer, @camerontolle, @alb68, @HRC, @TNEquality, @quietis, @rickjacobs, @GetEQUAL, @waymonhudson, @chrismassicotte, @xavierla, @raylab, @tcmassie, @blabbeando, @pghlesbian24, @madingbaum, @sandibehrns, @matt-thorn, @benjyraymunson, @joshco, @rockrichard, @KarlFrisch

Storify is also compiling tweets from our fund raiser!

Here’s Rick Jacobs:

Updates in the extended entry…


Big update: Tennesee Equality Project is joining us! Thank you, TEP!

Another matching donation!:


Laurel Ramseyer:


UPDATE AGAIN: Another match:

UPDATE: Julia Rosen:

UPDATE: Jeremy Hooper:

Todd Beeton will match:

Thanks to Bil Browning! He will join:


Straight ally nathanhjb is helping out!:

Denis Dison:

What you can do to help defeat Amendment One:Goal Thermometer

1. Contribute to the campaign on ActBlue so they have the resources they need to get our message out.

2. Sign up for a Courageous Conversation about Amendment One with someone you know in NC.

3. Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Download social media tools and yard signs to show your opposition to Amendment 1.

5. Volunteer to Call for Equality – a GOTV phone banking effort against Amendment 1.

6. Sign up to help get out the vote in NC yourself! Courage Campaign is arranging out-of-state caravans and travel assistance is available.


  • 1. Adam Bink  |  April 30, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Hey all, please follow some of these good folks if you're on Twitter. It's like giving to keep their ads on the air without opening your wallet! One click on the Follow button, a dollar, another click, a dollar.

    If you're not on Twitter, consider matching one of us, or share this post on Facebook and ask your friends who are on Twitter to follow. It's like a rising tide that lifts all boats.


  • 2. Scott Wooledge  |  April 30, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Great post, Scottie!

    The response to Adam's great idea has been amazing.

    I still have a long ways to go to 2,369 follows, and I have a two matching donors. @Clarknt67

  • 3. Sagesse  |  April 30, 2012 at 9:49 am


  • 4. Scottie Thomaston  |  April 30, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Follow me @indiemcemopants

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  • 6. Fr. Billl  |  May 1, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Off topic but I read that in Hawaii a federal judge in the Jackson v. abercrombie case (same gender marriage) that the governor refused to defend has given standing to the Hawaii Fanily Forum to interven to defend. The Hawaiii Family Forum is a coalition of the Roman Catholic diocese, various Evangelicals and the Mormons. How can they have standing? An amicus brief yes, but standing?

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