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Hearing in Illinois marriage equality lawsuit tomorrow

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By Scottie Thomaston

Tomorrow, a hearing will be held in the marriage equality lawsuit taking place in Illinois. The lawsuit, filed by Lambda Legal and the ACLU, is backed by the Illinois Attorney General and the Cook County Clerk; the ban is defended by two county clerks and an anti-gay group has moved to intervene. As Lambda Legal writes, “Soon after, the Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona-based antigay group, moved to intervene on behalf of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), an organization dedicated to advancing the view that gay people are sinful. IFI has a long history of making derogatory and untruthful statements about lesbian and gay people. Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Illinois have opposed IFI’s efforts to intervene.”

The court, “will hear oral argument tomorrow regarding whether an antigay group has a right to intervene in two marriage cases.”

The Illinois lawsuit is a state-based case, not a federal one, so its only implications thus far would be to end the ban on marriage equality in Illinois, if it is successful. Lambda writes that, “[b]y excluding them from marriage and relegating them to civil unions, the government has marked them as different and less worthy than other Illinois families—and that is exactly how others treat them. Such a restriction is a violation of the Illinois Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection and due process. Same-sex couples and their children have suffered disrespect in schools, workplaces and hospitals, and in their everyday interactions with government for long enough.”

The case is called Darby v. Orr.

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  • 1. David Henderson  |  September 26, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    Do we know if this court allows hearings to be recorded, or if a transcript will be made available?

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