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New Mexico House committee rejects marriage equality bill

Marriage equality

By Jacob Combs

A New Mexico House Committee voted today 7-4 to table a bill that would have placed a provision in the state constitution allowing marriage equality, effectively killing the legislation.  All five Republican members of the Voters & Elections Committee voted down the bill, as well as Democrats Debbie Rodella and Mary Helen Garcia.

According to the blog Roundhouse Roundup, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Brign Egolf of Santa Fe, addressed the committee today with emotion in his voice, saying, “If this doesn’t go forward, it’s an extraordinary shame that people have to come here to ask for permission under the law to be treated equally.”

The blog also reported that one religious figure who spoke in opposition to the bill told the committee, “Rome burned while men lusted over one another. … Sodom and Gomorrah were ripped from the face of the Earth while men lusted over men. … Can we expect (God) to bless America if we sanction this experiment?”

The marriage equality bill that failed today had passed the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee 3-2 early this month.  Today’s vote was the second of three committee votes required before the legislation could be considered by the full House.


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