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Deja vu alert: House Republicans seek to ban same-sex weddings on military bases

Marriage equality

By Jacob Combs

We’ve seen this movie before: Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Republican of Kansas, is pushing a new piece of legislation called the Military Religious Freedom Protection Act that would protect military chaplains from being penalized if they refuse to officiate wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.  (It’s worth noting that chaplains already enjoy such protections and that last year’s National Defense Authorization Act included redundant provisions to underscore this already-protected right.)

But as ThinkProgress points out, the real intent of Huelskamp’s bill is likely its last provision, which attempts to ban marriages for same-sex couples on military bases:

“A military installation or other property owned, rented, or otherwise under the jurisdiction or control of the Department of Defense shall not be used to officiate, solemnize, or perform a marriage or marriage-like ceremony involving anything other than the union of one man with one woman.”

“This is just more of the same from a dwindling number of folks on Capitol Hill who wish to cling to the discrimination of the past, rather than embrace the journey toward full equality and fairness that we have embarked upon as a nation,” OutServe-SLDN spokesman Zeke Stokes told Metro Weekly. “This bill seeks to address a problem that doesn’t exist.”

Read the full bill below, via Metro Weekly.

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