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Illinois House Speaker suggests 12 more votes are needed to pass marriage equality bill

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By Scottie Thomaston

The Illinois marriage equality bill is reportedly 12 votes short of passage in the House. The bill passed the Illinois state Senate and then passed a House committee. As EqualityOnTrial has previously reported, the bill faces an uphill battle in the House. Marriage equality advocates need 60 votes for the measure to pass and there was speculation all along that they were at least 17 votes short of that goal.

But House Speaker Michael Madigan has told reporters today that 12 additional votes are needed, and he said the effort is very difficult:

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says passing a gay marriage bill out of the state House will be “very difficult.”

Madigan told reporters Wednesday that he backs the measure allowing same-sex couples to marry. The Senate approved it last month and it awaits a House floor vote. Lawmakers aren’t sure when they’ll call it.

Marriage equality advocates are saying the bill will eventually pass.

UPDATE 450PM ET: Rep. Greg Harris has said that the vote tally is “closer than” what the Speaker has suggested, but he didn’t say a number.

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