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READ IT HERE: Final briefs filed today in United States v. Windsor, challenging Section 3 of DOMA

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By Scottie Thomaston

UPDATED 7:47PM ET: I have updated this post to add another filing, from Edith Windsor’s lawyers, on the question of jurisdiction and standing.

The final briefs in United States v. Windsor are due today, and they’re starting to come in. There are several filings, and the EqualityOnTrial team is working through each of them to make sense of the arguments and write an analytical post.

In the meantime, here they are for your perusal.

Thanks, as always, to Kathleen for these filings.

Prof. Jackson’s (Court-appointed amicus) reply brief on standing/jurisdiction:

Windsor: Jackson Reply Brief on Standing-Jurisdiction by EqualityCaseFiles

DOJ reply on standing/jurisdiction:

Windsor: DOJ Reply Brief on Jurisdiction by EqualityCaseFiles

BLAG (House GOP) reply on standing/jurisdiction:

Windsor: BLAG Reply on Jurisdiction by EqualityCaseFiles

BLAG merits reply:

Windsor: BLAG Reply on merits by EqualityCaseFiles

Edith Windsor on standing/jurisdiction:

Windsor: Plaintiff's Reply (Jurisdiction) by EqualityCaseFiles

We will have much more on these in the coming days.

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