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Headed to DC, thanks to you

Community/Meta Supreme Court

h/t Jeff Kubina
U.S. Supreme Court

By Adam Bink

Last week, myself, Scottie and Jacob all asked you for help getting to DC to cover perhaps the biggest week in Supreme Court history when it comes to LGBT equality, so we can bring you the best coverage. I am happy to report that:

1) You came through, and more. Our initial, bare minimum fundraising goal was $1,500, which we raised to $5,000 to more fully cover travel expenses, and help Scottie replace his on-its-last-legs computer. You broke through that as well. All I can say is thank you (on behalf of myself, Scottie, Jacob and the entire Courage staff) and that we’re looking forward to bringing you the best coverage on the web. It really is a privilege to write for and work with such a great community!

2) I type this in an airport on the way to DC, while Scottie is e-mailing me from his own airport, and Jacob is hopping on a train later today. We’ve secured a press credential for Jacob, who will be taking notes in the press section on the inside (electronics are forbidden) and while reports show that the lines outside the Supreme Court started absurdly early, we have made arrangements and hope to secure additional seats in the courtroom. Scottie and I will bring color commentary and monitoring reports outside (and hopefully inside) the courtroom. We’ll get you a report published as soon as the hearings conclude on both days. We’ll also have interviews with other folks on the ground.

3) I know many of you are attending the rallies and arguments as well. Courage Campaign is distributing signs and working with press on both March 26th and 27th, while our members will be in attendance. If any of you can help with that for 30 minutes or an hour, please drop me a line via adam AT couragecampaign DOT org. We hope to see you there! Lastly, there’s some talk of an EqualityonTrial (née! ah, nostalgia) get-together some of you are organizing — if you have final details and would like us to publish them here, please just drop myself, Scottie or Jacob a line.

Looking forward to covering history!

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