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Archives – September, 2013

AFER’s Major New Marriage Announcement

The legal team behind the Prop 8 case picks its next lawsuit.

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Analysis: Illinois judge allows claims that the state marriage ban violates due process and equal protection to move forward

On Friday, an Illinois judge allowed the challenge to the state’s same-sex marriage ban to move forward. Ultimately, the judge dismissed the sex discrimination claim along with the privacy and special legislation claims, but allowed the others to proceed.

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Prop 8 legal team picks next case, will join Virginia marriage equality challenge

Ted Olson and David Boies sill have their sights on the Supreme Court, and their involvement in a new case proves they meant it when they said they’d be back post-Prop 8.

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Updated: New Jersey judge rules in favor of same-sex couples in marriage equality challenge

A New Jersey judge has ruled in favor of same-sex couples who filed a lawsuit for the right to marry in the state.

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Illinois marriage equality ruling expected today

A Cook County judge is expected to rule later today on whether a marriage equality challenge can proceed. UPDATED: The judge has denied the motion to dismiss, and the lawsuit will go forward, according to reports.

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Ninth Circuit grants request for 35-day extension to file opening briefs in challenge to Hawaii’s same-sex marriage ban

The Ninth Circuit Court Appeals granted an extension of time to the plaintiffs challenging Hawaii’s anti-gay marriage ban yesterday, allowing opening briefs to be filed on November 22.

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