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Marriage Delayed in NJ


By Matt Baume

Anti-gay politicians are pushing back against recent high-profile victories for equality, but they’re just delaying the inevitable. Lawsuits progress in some more conservative states. Plus we have even more good news in state and national surveys.

Work continues on AFER’s newest case: a federal lawsuit challenging Virginia’s marriage ban. Following our announcement last week, we released a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the plaintiffs and legal team. Head over to AFER’s YouTube channel to get a backstage look at how AFER broke the news at an event in Washington DC.

A judge in New Jersey ruled two weeks ago that the state must provide equal marriage to gay and lesbian couples. But Governor Chris Christie, after vetoing a marriage equality bill last year, has now announced plans to appeal the latest ruling.

Marriage equality is scheduled to start in New Jersey on October 21, but Christie asked the court to delay that start date.

Meanwhile, lawmakers have until just January to come up with enough votes to override Christie’s veto of the marriage bill.

Officials are resisting calls for equality in Kentucky as well. A gay couple sued the state over its marriage ban, but last week Attorney General Clay Barkley asked a judge to dismiss the suit.

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have introduced a marriage equality bill. Lambda Legal has filed a new lawsuit in West Virginia. Couples in North Carolina are continuing their hunt for a county clerk who will help challenge that state’s marriage ban.

And we have a couple of new surveys this week. In New Mexico, support is just reaching a majority, with 51 percent to 42 percent opposed. Support in Nevada is climbing steadily, with 57 percent supporting repeal of the state’s marriage ban to 36 percent opposed.

And a new national survey shows a continuing trend in favor of equality, with 55 percent support to 36 percent opposed. It’s been three and a half years since our opponents polled over 50 percent.

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