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Equality news round-up: Marriage equality news from Illinois and Hawaii, and more

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Illinois State Seal– The Chicago Tribune reports that a vote on the marriage equality bill in Illinois is unlikely. The bill could be taken up during the veto session.

– The New Mexico Supreme Court hears arguments in the same-sex marriage case this morning. EqualitynTrial will have more on that later.

– John Arthur, one of the plaintiffs in the challenge to Ohio’s same-sex marriage ban, Obergefell v. Kasich, has passed away from ALS.

– The special legislative session to pass the marriage equality bill in Hawaii begins Monday.

– The Oyez Project has posted the audio of the opinion announcements in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor. While the audio from the oral arguments was posted immediately, audio from opinion announcements isn’t typically released until October in the following term.

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