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Archives – November, 2013

Illinois marriage equality lawsuit stayed until June 2

Lawsuits filed by Lambda Legal and the ACLU challenging an anti-gay marriage law in Illinois have been stayed until after the newly-passed marriage equality law takes effect.

Continue 37 Comments November 15, 2013

Missouri governor announces support for marriage equality

Missouri will recognize out-of-state marriage licenses for state tax purposes.

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Senator Udall (D-Co) asks Obama administration for more action on military veterans’ benefits

Senator Udall is asking the Obama administration to cease enforcement of a provision of the US Code that recognizes marriages for purposes of military veterans’ benefits based on if they’re considered legal in the state where the couple lives.

Continue 14 Comments November 14, 2013

New South Wales Parliament rejects marriage equality bill

A loss for LGBT advocates down under.

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Time extensions sought at Ninth Circuit for filing briefs in Nevada, Hawaii marriage equality cases

The plaintiffs in the challenge to Hawaii’s anti-gay marriage law are asking the Ninth Circuit to delay the due date for their opening brief; the defendants in the Nevada challenge were granted an extension to file their answering briefs.

Continue 37 Comments November 13, 2013

Hawaii governor to sign marriage equality bill today

The Aloha State will become the 15th to allow same-sex couples to wed.

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