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Archives – February, 2014

Kentucky marriage equality case re-named Love v. Beshear

Kentucky marriage equality case is now named Love v. Beshear. 21 day stay has been issued on the order to require the state to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

Continue 59 Comments February 28, 2014

Anti-gay group files brief elaborating on their position in Nevada marriage equality case

Supplemental brief filed in Nevada marriage equality case.

Continue 62 Comments February 28, 2014

Idaho lawmaker questions purpose of $1 million transferred to constitutional defense fund

The state faces a federal lawsuit filed by the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Continue 6 Comments February 28, 2014

NCLR asks federal judge to strike down Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban

Same-sex couples in Idaho want the state’s same-sex marriage ban struck down.

Continue 14 Comments February 27, 2014

Same-sex couples in Kentucky seeking to invalidate state’s same-sex marriage ban are allowed to intervene in district court

Briefing will conclude by May 28

Continue 22 Comments February 27, 2014

Another Illinois county will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Champaign County will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples before the state’s marriage equality law takes effect in June.

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