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Archives – April, 2014

Equality news round-up: New Ohio lawsuit, and more

News from Ohio, Colorado, and the Tenth Circuit.

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Sixth Circuit denies request for initial hearing with all circuit judges in Michigan marriage equality case

Full Sixth Circuit panel won’t hear DeBoer v. Snyder.

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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals stays decision in Tennessee same-sex marriage case

The decision in favor of Tennessee same-sex couples has been stayed, and the Sixth Circuit has fast-tracked the case.

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NOM’s Latest Failure

By Matt Baume

The National Organization for Marriage is scrambling to defend Oregon’s marriage ban at the last minute, but things aren’t exactly going how they’d hoped. The case to overturn Virginia’s marriage ban gets a boost from one of the authors of the state’s constitution. And the Governor of Pennsylvania wants to skip a trial on marriage and go straight to a ruling.

Last October, four couples filed suit against Oregon, arguing that the state’s marriage ban is unconstitutional. And the state agreed, saying during oral arguments last Thursday that the law should be overturned.

In fact, until last Tuesday, no one was willing to defend the ban in court. But with just hours to go before oral arguments, NOM suddenly asked to intervene and requested a delay in the case. Judge Michael McShane declined, and told NOM that they’ll get a separate hearing on May 14 to determine whether they should be allowed to defend the ban. There’s a lot riding on his decision. If the ban is upheld, then organizers will move ahead with efforts to overturn it at the ballot in November.

Meanwhile, a new report from the Williams Institute shows that marriage equality would add $47 million to Oregon’s economy. And separate reports indicate that marriage would be worth $15.5 million in Utah, and $60 million in Virginia. That news comes as a slew of organizations file briefs in support of AFER’s case to overturn Virginia’s marriage ban. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has refused to defend the ban in court, and now he’s gained a powerful ally: Professor A.E. Dick Howard, one the authors of Virginia’s current Constitution.

In Georgia, four couples have launched a brand new lawsuit against the state. They include Shane Thomas and Michael Bishop, who are raising two kids together; Atlanta police officers Rayshawn and Avery Chandler; Shelton Stroman and Christopher Inniss; and Jennifer Sisson. Her wife Pamela Drenner passed away a month ago from ovarian cancer, and the state refused to recognize their marriage on her death certificate.

We have good news from Texas, where Judge Barbara Nellermoe has found the state’s marriage ban unconstitutional. Attorney General Greg Abbott will appeal the ruling.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett wants to hasten a ruling in a court challenge to Pennsylvania’s marriage ban. The case has been pending since July, but now both sides want to skip a June trial and go straight to a decision based on briefs. The deadline for those briefs is May 12, so it’s possible we could get a ruling anytime after that date.

And keep your eye on South Dakota — two women are planning to file a lawsuit there this week. That would leave just three states with unchallenged marriage bans: Alaska, Montana, and North Dakota.

45 Comments April 28, 2014

State judge in Texas finds same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

In a divorce case, a Texas state judge has ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

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Lawsuit challenges Georgia’s same-sex marriage ban

Lambda Legal has filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven people challenging Georgia’s same-sex marriage ban.

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