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Archives – June, 2014

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals expedites Indiana same-sex marriage appeal

Briefing will be completed by August 5.

Continue 51 Comments June 30, 2014

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to hear three same-sex marriage cases on September 8

Ninth Circuit to hear marriage equality cases on September 8.

Continue 44 Comments June 30, 2014

Supreme Court declines to hear challenges to California’s ban on LGBT ‘conversion therapy’

The Supreme Court has declined to hear challenges to the new law, which was upheld by the Ninth Circuit.

Continue 68 Comments June 30, 2014

Indiana same-sex marriage round-up

News on the challenge to Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban.

Continue 162 Comments June 27, 2014

Boulder, CO, issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples after Tenth Circuit ruling

One Colorado county is allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Continue 105 Comments June 26, 2014

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down Utah same-sex marriage ban

Tenth Circuit invalidates Utah same-sex marriage ban.

Continue 266 Comments June 25, 2014

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