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Archives – June, 2014

Indiana same-sex marriage ban struck down

No stay issued.

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Ninth Circuit won’t rehear gay juror discrimination case

The denial of rehearing means that the Ninth Circuit will review discrimination based on sexual orientation with a more rigorous form of judicial scrutiny.

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Hearing in Louisiana same-sex marriage case this week

Hearing on Louisiana’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state takes place Wednesday.

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Major Marriage Hearing Coming Up

By Matt Baume

Hi there. This week my marriage equality road trip takes me to Fargo, North Dakota this week, then on to Minneapolis. We have big news from four states in the Sixth Circuit this week. Plus a strong showing for the freedom to marry in a Colorado case.

North Dakota was one of many states to pass a marriage ban back in 2004. And ten years later, it was the last state to challenge its ban with a lawsuit. That case is now working its way through federal court. In the mean time, public support is rapidly growing. In 2004, support was at just 23%, but by 2012 that had nearly doubled to 40%.

There’s a major court date coming up for several states. On August Sixth, a federal appeals court will hear oral argument in five separate marriage cases, covering challenges in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. All of these cases are very different, but the court will hear them all on the same day.

The Tennessee case is quite limited, and for now just applies to the three plaintiff couples. The two Ohio cases cover out-of-state licenses and death certificates. The Kentucky case also concerns out-of-state licenses. The Michigan case is much more broad, covering the freedom to marry throughout the state. The case got a boost recently when some major Republican figures in Michigan filed a brief in support of the freedom to marry.

Organizers in Ohio are calling off an attempt to overturn that state’s marriage ban at the ballot. They’ll be unable to meet signature requirements in time. This was a controversial effort, with other Ohio equality groups favoring public education before going to the ballot. Public support for marriage equality has increased five percentage points in just the last year in Ohio, reaching 50%.

A federal judge heard oral argument last week in a challenge to Colorado’s marriage ban. District Court Judge C. Scott Crabtree pointed out that fifteen judges have recently struck down similar bans in other states. He’s expected to rule soon.

79 Comments June 24, 2014

Equality news round-up: Some federal benefits extended to same-sex couples, and more

Federal benefits extended, plus news from Pennsylvania.

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Marriages on Hold in Wisconsin

By Matt Baume

Starting this week, Marriage News Watch is getting out of the office and traveling around the country. We’ll be visiting various states to see what’s happening with marriage equality. This week, we’re in Nevada, and we also have news from Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina and more.

So what’s happening with marriage in Nevada? A judge ruled against equality back in 2012. That was a setback, but a lot has changed since then. A separate case established a higher standard of review in cases involving LGBT discrimination, so there’s a good chance that ruling could be overturned on appeal.

The situation in Wisconsin is still changing by the day. As of Monday, some clerks are issuing licenses and others aren’t. We should get clarification in the next few days on whether those licenses can continue. Meanwhile, the state is pressing ahead with its appeal.

There’s a new lawsuit in Michigan. Two men are suing the state for recognition after they married in New York. One of the men has brain cancer, so they urgently need recognition for their relationship.

There’s also a new lawsuit in Alabama. This is the third suit in that state. And a second lawsuit was just filed in North Dakota.

Meanwhile in North Carolina, the state has filed a response to a marriage lawsuit there. The United Church of Christ sued the state to overturn the marriage ban. Now the state has requested a halt in the proceedings, pending a ruling from the Fourth Circuit in AFER’s Virginia case. A West Virginia case has been similarly halted while we await that Virginia decision, which could come any day.

A new study from the Williams Institute shows that marriage equality would mean $62 million for the economy of Arizona. And in Indiana, organizers have launched a new public outreach campaign to promote the freedom to marry called Hoosiers United for Marriage.

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