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Archives – July, 2014

Details on the LGBT contractor executive order

A historic week in LGBT equality.

Continue 60 Comments July 23, 2014

EqualityOnTrial at the White House for signing of historic LGBT non-discrimination order

EqualityOnTrial attended the historic signing.

Continue 40 Comments July 22, 2014

Obama signs LGBT employment nondiscrimination executive order

The executive order would ban federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity when hiring.

Continue 107 Comments July 21, 2014

Florida judge strikes down marriage equality ban, ruling applies to one county only

Big news out of Florida today, where a state judge overturned the state’s constitutional ban on marriage equality.

Continue 353 Comments July 17, 2014

Seventh Circuit cancels oral arguments, Utah asks SCOTUS for stay

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals cancels oral arguments in the Indiana and Wisconsin cases, Utah files emergency stay with Supreme Court.

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Surprisingly Strong Colorado Victories

By Matt Baume

This week I’m back in California, where we just celebrated one year of marriage equality. It was in late June that the AFER’s case to overturn Prop 8 finally concluded and equality was restored. Now, we’re awaiting a ruling in AFER’s Virginia case. We’ve already won at the district court level, and now the Fourth Circuit could rule on an appeal any day.

Also this week, a Colorado judge will allow marriages to continue, even though the state’s marriage ban is still on the books. A ruling from the U. S. Supreme Court means marriage is safe in Pennsylvania. We have a new case in Idaho, briefs in multiple states, and a new survey in Louisiana.

We have two huge rulings in Colorado this week. The first is a state court ruling that Colorado’s marriage ban violates the U. S. Constitution. The second is a ruling that Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall can continue to issue marriage licenses, even though the ban hasn’t yet been overturned.

Boulder has been issuing licenses for about a week. And following the ruling that they can continue, they’ve been joined by Denver and Pueblo County. Hundreds of couples have so far been married in Colorado. Attorney General John Suthers has promised to appeal the ruling to try to stop the marriages. But Governor John Hickenlooper has asked him not to, saying that the licenses put Colorado on “the right side of history.”

Marriage equality won another victory in Pennsylvania last week, this time from the U. S. Supreme Court. Justice Samuel Alito rejected an attempt by a local clerk to stop the marriages.

Wisconsin and Indiana are both on the fast track to a marriage decision. Last week the 7th Circuit set and expedited schedule that should have both states fully briefed by mid-August.

The opening brief in Indiana is due on Tuesday of this week. And a brief in a Texas case is due on Wednesday. And we’re expecting a ruling any day now in a case from Key West, Florida. At a hearing last week, anti-gay lawyers claimed that marriage equality has “negative consequences” but couldn’t actually name any.

There’s a new lawsuit in Idaho. A lesbian veteran has sued the state for the right to be buried next to her spouse. And a new survey in Louisiana shows that support for marriage equality is still low, at 32%, but steadily rising year after year.

All in all, it’s been an intensely busy week for marriage equality victories — with more likely to come.

210 Comments July 15, 2014

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